kanto red

He is full of nerves.

Guzma’s next battle would be against the greatest trainer to have ever come from Kanto, the champion: Red.

Whether or not he would win was debatable, but, to be facing someone that he saw rise up to greatness at such a young age is both intimidating

And invigorating.

Even if he loses, Guzma will return to Alola with pride knowing that he had the opportunity to face a legend.

[ ☠ ] — “I’m either gonna win… Or go down punchin’.”

Lt. Surge the lighting american. ‘MERIKA!!!

I love how america is canon in pokemon universe, thought I guess he would be from unova now, huh?



🌺  Red: Pikachu, Charizard, Beedrill, Kabutops, Lapras, Snorlax…

🌺  Leaf: Jigglypuff, Venusaur, Butterfree, Omastar, Clefable, Ditto…

🌺  Blue: Eevee, Blastoise, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Gyarados…

Leaf and Blue give their Venusaur and Blastoise to Red to train on Mt Silver while Blue takes over the role of Gym Leader and Leaf continues her journey across the world to see all kinds of new Pokemon


Pokécember Day 19: Favorite Gen 1 Pokémon

“Charizard flies around the sky in search of powerful opponents. It breathes fire of such great heat that it melts anything. However, it never turns its fiery breath on any opponent weaker than itself.”
Charizard’s R/S/OR/AS PokéDex entry

Is no one else going to mention/remember that Trainer Blue/Green studies abroad??
When did he study? Was this before or after red going up the mountain? Did he miss red??