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Japan Relief Movement in America - President Coolidge issued a statement immediately after receipt of the first news of the quake, urging his fellow countrymen to help Japan with money and material. The entire American nation rose to the occasion, with the american Red Cross Society as its central moving power, to raise a colossal sum for relief. These girls marched through the streets of Chicago to collect money - US - September 15, 1923

Source : commons.wikimedia.org - Osaka Mainichi 大阪毎日新聞社


Hiiii so I love your blog thank you for making this blog💕 and yea so she lives in Korea and she’s a dancer. She was at the 1million dance studio once and actually was in their video!! She also hangs out alot around kanto. I think a while back you had an insta video of kanto with a Black girl and I’m pretty sure it was her and yea she calls him her brother from another mother ;) and SHE IS THE BLACK WOMAN IN HYUNA RED MV AND SHE GOT TO MEET HER AND IT WAS SO CUTEE. https://www.instagram.com/p/s6eEZNNPfR/?taken-by=tinamirae

Weekly Series: Koreaboo's K-Pop Mood Playlist - Chill

Hey there, beautiful Koreaboo readers (oh yes, I’m talking to you). Welcome to the first installment of our K-Pop Mood Playlist, a weekly segment that will take you on a themed journey to discover some great Korean music. Some might be new, some might familiar, but all will be fantastic. 

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