Beginning on September 1, Build-A-Bear stores will offer a 14-inch Eevee plush in the US, UK, and Canada. Consumers can purchase a standard item for $28, but an exclusive online set will be sold as well for $62, which also comes with a cape, sleeper, and an Eevee 5-in-1 sound chip. The sleeper will be sold separately in stores for $12.50, though the cape and sound chip are only included in the online set. In-store and online Eevee plushes will come with an exclusive Pokemon Trading Card Game card.

Source: nintendoeverything.com

Ash wins kanto

Honestly I want the indigo league to start up again and ash decides to go for it again . Earning the badges all over catching more pokemon and meating the old gang .

The people I want to be with ash will be
Something to mix it up a little bit . It will be nice to see serena and dawn meet and bonnie and max will be good together