Analysis | Kansas Republicans conducted a ‘real live’ tax experiment. Poor people are paying for it.
The tax burden on the very wealthy, however, has gone down.
By https://www.facebook.com/max.ehrenfreund

Had Brownback’s policies not been enacted, poor Kansans could expect to pay the state about 9.8 percent of their income on average in taxes, while the very rich would be paying about 5.5 percent. Now — after this year’s tax increase — the richest will pay 4.8 percent, while the poorest will owe 11.8 percent.

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hi!!! so yeah a lot of people are doing these and whenever i saw myself in one i got really happy so i thought i should make one too so i could make other people happy!!! i’ve made so many great great friends on here that have helped me through tough times and made me laugh so yeah i wanted to show my appreciation!! okay yeah here we go (people who i have actually talked to/are close with are bolded and linked!!)


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Hey there. So, I was Lauren Pantryraids. Recently, my blog was hacked, deleted, and someone took that oppurtunity to hoard my url. Honestly, it’s a little frustrating because I had that blog since April and I was doing pretty decent with followers and posts, and all of that hard work is gone. Now, I am remaking my blog. I currently am trying to gain back my mutuals and such. But not only did they delete all of that, the person logged into my personal email account, and changed the password!! Now it’s done with, I am remaking right now, as you can see. 

But if you were following me I’d love to have you back! Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s much appreciated.