Fantasy Football names for every team


Bengals - Vontaze Me Bro, Cedric Yabuehi (Ya Boiiii)

Browns - Kizer Roll, Crow’s Hoes

Steelers - Saved by Le’Bell; JuJu On That Beat

Ravens - Wakka Flacco Flame; Bones, Suggs n’ Harmony

AFC East

Bills - Rebillding; Forgot About Zay

Dolphins - Suh’s Your Daddy? Resting Cutler Face

Jets - Return of the Hack; Forte Days and Forte Nights

Patriots - Too Many Cooks; Gilmore Girls

AFC South

Colts - Swoope, There it is!; Luck huck a duck

Jags - Blake Bortles School for QBs who can’t read defenses good; Never Fornette

Texans - Turn Down 4 Watt; Brutal, Savage, Rekt

Titans - Super Mariota Bros; Adoreez Nuts

AFC West

Broncos - Brock of Ages; Siemian Toast Crunch

Chargers - Rivers Fertility Clinic; Bos’ n’ Hoes

Chiefs - Kansas City CrunchBerries; King of the Hill

Raiders - Sin City Aces; Dude, Where’s my Carr?

NFC North

-Bears - Bear Jordan (Thanks @jaycatler) ; Trubisky Business

-Lions - Stafford Loans; Questions and Ansahs

-Packers - Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Montgomery Burns

-Vikings - Hooked on a Thielen; Can You Diggs it?

NFC East

-Cowboys - Get Your Zeke On; Dak & The Power of JuJu

-Eagles - I Wentz Myself; 3 Pumphreys and a Flag

-Giants - Playbook of Eli; Ol’ Dirty Beckham

-’Skins - Kissing Cousins; Pryor Offense

NFC South

-Bucs -  24K Fitzmagic; Jacquizz in my Pants

-Falcons - My Vick in a Box; Sanu’s Clues

-Panthers - Run CMC (Thanks @christianmccaffrey); All About the Benjamins

-Saints - Easy, Breesy, Beautiful; Bourbon Street Ballers

NFC West

-49ers - Foster the People; Hyde and Seek

-Cardinals - Yo Gabba Gabbert; Fire the Bucannons

-Rams - California Gurleys; The Toddfather

-Seahawks - Russel my Jimmy Grahams; Rawls Royce