kansas city international

  • Male family member 1: Wow, the Browns beat the Chargers
  • Male family member 2: That's like Texas losing to Kansas City
  • Me, internally: I hope the Chargers still had fun though

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Cas was terrified.

He’d been waiting for this moment for months and now it was finally here he was absolutely terrified

Terrified that he’d see Dean and pass out on the spot.

Terrified that Dean would take one look at him and run in the other direction.

But he knew there was no turning back now. His plane had just touched down in Kansas City International Airport. Cas looked out of his window from the plane to look at the building. Dean was in there somewhere. 

The seatbelt signs went off and the air stewards opened the doors. Cas took a deep breath. This was it.

On the walk to collect his luggage Cas’ mind wandered back to where this crazy part of his life began.

Roughly a year earlier, Cas’ older brother, Gabriel, had decided he was sick of Cas moping around. Gabriel knew it was because Cas had just been to another friend’s wedding and yet he remained single (Cas flat out denied that this was the case but Gabriel knew otherwise).

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