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  • waving the wheat
  • when the band plays all of the lights
  • when the band plays we’re not gonna take it
  • when the band plays all i do is win
  • thomas robinson dunks
  • jeff withey blocks
  • connor teahan three-pointers
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A Room at Bobby’s

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A/N: I watched “Beyond the Mat” and Sam mentioned having a poster above his bed, and something along these lines hit me: WHERE DID HE HAVE A BED WITH A POSTER ABOVE IT OMG OMG OMG!?!?! So I asked Beka and we decided it was Bobby’s. Bobby gave the boys their very own room at his house. (This is 10,000% my new fave hc pass it on) These little blurbs, just kinda spewed out, and with Beka’s help I worked them into a fic. So thank you @impala-dreamer for the encouragement (as usual) and letting me use your idea in this as well.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby (John is mentioned)

Words: 2,529

Warnings: Just prepare to get deep into your feels alright? (It isn’t beta’d so any mistakes are on me)


It was a surprise. One that he never expected to be so excited about, it started as just a simple idea - give John’s boys their own room - the more he planned for it, and when he started to clear the small corner bedroom of junk accumulated over the years, the happier he became. By the time he found himself at a second hand furniture store on the hunt for two twin beds, he could hardly wait for the next time John would call asking if he could watch the boys for a few days. The call could come at any time, so he worked quick.

He set the simple metal frames up, one under each window, parallel to the wall. He left the headboards off, and pushed the beds close to the corner of the room, where he put a small table with a little lamp he dug out of the basement. That way the boys would always be able to see each other if they needed it. Somewhere in a forgotten closet he found two scrap quilts his mother made what felt like lifetimes ago, one blue, one red. He set them on top of the soft new sheets he bought and washed for the boys.

The call came from John two days after he finished the room. It was midsummer, the boys were restless from a long stretch on the road, and he’d caught wind of what might be a werewolf in Missouri. The three of them made it just before lunch, Sam and Dean running into the house straight for the fridge - they knew Bobby always had pop for them - John following with their bags. He stayed for lunch, before hugging both of his sons and promising Dean he’d call to talk to him and Sam before bedtime.

After John left, Bobby grabbed their bags and told the boys to follow him upstairs, he had a surprise. When he led them into the room he was nervous. He told them that this was their room, and their room only. Sam peeked around Dean, confused. Dean looked like he was in shock, and just looked up at Bobby the “Really?” barely a whisper on his lips. He smiled and told them to go pick a bed. Sam was the first in, bounding to the bed with the blue quilt, climbing in and immediately jumping on the bed. It took Dean a minute, but he soon joined his little brother.

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Pelicans' Holiday touched by LeBron's gesture
Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday, whose wife underwent brain surgery on a tumor weeks after the birth of their daughter, said support from LeBron James and others around the NBA has been "a blessing."

Not sure how many of you USWNT fans follow the NBA so I wanted to share this. I though it was a nice story. Simple gestures can go a long way and I give LeBron (along with everyone else in the league showing support) a lot of credit for reaching out!