His face was disgusting in the lamplight, purple and with that familiar wet sheen that could be recognized as being from either sweat, a fever, or copious amounts of tears. From the choking sob that the seadweller released, Kanrki Vantas concluded that it was just tears - and he had a whopping two seconds to reach that conclusion before Cronus Ampora, age twenty-some human years, flung himself into his arms like a child.

leiam aqui o resto. escrito em inglês MAS A ALMA ESTÀ LÀ.

CronKri Headcanons :3

Headcanons my moirail and I had thought of :)

  1. Cronus calls Kankri “Angel Face”
  2. Kanrki has facial piercings
  3. Kankri calls Cronus “Mr.Handsome”
  4. Cronus first sees Kankri on IG and begins to follow his feed
  5. The first time Cronus saw Kankri in perosn, he was sitting on a bench and happened to look up when Kankri was walking by with Ruffio. Cronus thought Kankri was so beautiful, he was left in shock. (Like Drake from Anaconda)
  6. Kankri blushes…..A LOT.
  7. Kankri’s IG photos are of his lips and shoulders. He feels they are his best features. Cronus agrees.
  8. Cronus constantly hit on Kankri in his journey to pursue him.
  9. Cronus really boosts up Kankri’s self esteem.
  10. Cronus used to fake his confidence when he was younger and much skinnier. It wasn’t until he began working out that he actually felt good about himself. He wanted to prove to everyone that he wasn’t some “Skinny loser that nobody could love”
  11. Kankri’s favourite song is “Boys, boys, boys” By Lady Gaga
  12. The first time Cronus called Kankri “Angel Face,” Kankri was shocked and turned extremely red
  13. The first time Kankri touched Cronus’s muscles, it was  completely on accident. Kankri loved how buff Cronus was and latched on to his arm. Sometimes he makes Cronus flex for him.
  14. Sometimes Cronus gets embarrassed when Kankri makes him flex too much.
  15. Cronus sang “Misery” by Maroon5 to Kankri when they first started dating.
  16. Cronus memorized Kankri’s day schedule so he could drop in and surprise him every now and then.
  17. When Cronus asks Kankri about his many tattoos and body modifications, it’s because he wants to know Kankri’s stories and why they are so important to him.
  18. Kankri’s tattoos are actually ‘glyphs that were burned onto his skin.
  19. Kankri paints his feelings and had painted Cronus a beautiful portrait for his wriggling day.
Just a short Kankri-Related PSA:

Now personally I do not have any triggers, but I do have friends who do and it bothers them when people mis-characterize Kankri and use said mis-characteraization to make dumb trigger jokes (which in all honesty is not really funny to me at all, but hey maybe you find them funny? I’m not here to be all “NO FUN ALLOWED,” but just try to make things fun for some people alright?).

Anyway, short and sweet if you don’t feel like reading those two Kankri images, Kankri is not all “IM TRIGGED BY THIS! THIS TRIGGERS ME! I AM SO FUCKING TRIGGERED BY EVERYTHING!”

Now excuse me for not reading every piece of Kankri dialogue to fully examine the length of his character, but I did a good skim and these two images pretty much sums him up in terms of triggers.

He’s not psycho-triggered by everything, he’s a guy who’s just looking out for people and making sure nobody is accidentally triggered by something he says.

He’s just a nice guy who talks a little too much and cares about the words he’s saying and the possibility of those words bothering someone.

The bottom line with Kankri:

He puts excessive amounts of trigger warnings on things he says, not because he’s triggered by everything, but because he’s worried about the things he says and hopes to not accidentally harm someone he’s talking to.

That is all and I hope you all have a nice evening.

The Insuffer6le

The Insuffera6le 

So, uh, first off, don’t kill me. I don’t take music, and I’ve never played an instrument in my life. If this breaks all the music theories, I apologize.

But I made a song loosely inspired by Kankri. I just sort of threw samples around and found some that reminded me of Kankri, so I put them together, made a timpani track, and bam.

I’m getting better! I’m quite happy with this, so I hope you guys like it!

//inb4 i hate it tomorrow