under the cut you will find, #177 faceclaims that can pass realistically as high schoolers and/or college students. i made this list because of three reasons: a) most of the lists i found were old and at least a good few years old so the ages are largely inaccurate b) and hence there have been more and more child stars that i feel that need to be added to this list c) and it’s about time we stopped playing ian, milo, holland, crystal, jack etc as high schoolers because let’s be honest rpc, they can’t. i love them too but let’s be real about their ages. most of them should have resources made already but almost all of them have videos etc that you can make resources out of.

please like/reblog if you found this helpful and if you have any more suggestions, feel free to message me! also i tried to keep the really overused fcs out of here but you’ll find a mix of underused, overused and neither fcs here. 

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SKE48'S 21ST SINGLE : 「 Igai ni Mango 」

「意外にマンゴー/Unexpectedly Mango」

Release Date: July 19, 2017

Center: Obata Yuna

Senbatsu Members:

Ego Yuna . Oba Mina . Kitagawa Ryouha . Kimoto Kanon. Kumazaki Haruka . Goto Rara . Suda Akari . Souda Sarina . Takayanagi Akane . Takeuchi Saki . Hidaka Yuzuki . Furuhata Nao . Matsui Jurina


Kitano Ruka . Yahagi Yukina (KKS) . Obata Yuna

Additional Information:

The single was announced during the Kenkyuusei’s stage performance on June 5, 2017.

The MV will be shot overseas, with the members clad in swimsuits.


Churi Twitter 17/05/13

First picture: Me and the message board I wrote on.

Second picture: The message board Oya Masana-san is currently using.



[Churi wrote: “I’m coming out before mother’s day! Thank you for everything mom! I love SKE48 and Akane-chan.” Masana replaced the Akane-chan with Masana-chan.]

Churi Twitter 17/05/13

I stole the picture from a photo tagged with #ChuriPhotoEvent in order to make the message board clearer lol It’s useful! lol

Anna Twitter 17/05/12

Yesterday Akane-chan bought these for me as a present because she thought it would suit me T_T

I’ll wear them at the photo event.

Akane-chan frequently concerns herself about me, such as thinking something will look good on me <3

My elder sister Akane is so kind! lol

Churi Twitter 17/05/14

I don’t really understand that last “lol” with the baby emoji lol

She was wearing those earrings this morning too, so those of you going to see Anna please take a look at them.

Churi Twitter 17/05/14

I wrote a lot of messages for those coming to the solo photo event that’s happening soon. Those of you who are fine with handwriting, please select from these  ( ^ω^ ) lol

Love forever lolol

(Of course it’s fine to ask me to say something else you want!)

Churi Twitter 17/05/14

Thank you for the events in Osaka!

I was partnered with Kanon for the whimsical stage.

Speaking of the two of us and Osaka, I miss when the AKB to xx! that we filmed here. It was fun.