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The one good thing about Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match is that you get an accurate side-by-side comparison of the height of each SAKKAA kid. Here’s some things I noted:
* Bicycle Sword man is taller than everyone else despite being only a 7th grader.
* Endou is smoller than Tenma despite Tenma being smol already.
* The shortest are quite literally tied by Kanon and Kinako.

That’s pretty much it. :P


i drew these last year (i think) for the release of the inazuma best eleven vs battle eleven ova release - but i never finished the battle eleven part

it started out as a watercolour piece too but i think i messed up pretty far in and then lost motivation to finish it

but i came across the sketch while looking for smth and thought “why not finish it now??” but chose computer colo this time so they don’t fit as well together as i planned. i posted the best eleven a while ago so not exactly smth new


Animage January 2014 Translation

Best Eleven Nationwide Vote Results

FIRST PLACE - Endou Mamoru
RUNNER UP - Ibuki Munemasa

Akiyama: Endou is the cream of the crop. He won by a landslide.
Hino: Inazuma = Endou. He’s the most iconic character of the series. Like Goku is for Dragon Ball.

Q Why is Endou now a coach instead of a player?

Hino: Endou used to be active in the Pro League overseas, but he got injured. At the same time it happened by chance that he was requested to come and be the coach for Raimon.

Q That’s what’s written in the novel but it’s not explained in the anime series!

Hino: That’s true, I’m sorry about that, haha. I can answer any questions you have!

FIRST PLACE - Gouenji Shuuya
THIRD PLACE - Tsurugi Kyousuke
RUNNER UP - Fubuki Shirou

Hino: Gouenji in first place, well - that’s an expected result. At the time the Fire and Blizzard games were released, the instant Goenji returned to the anime the orders for Fire went through the roof. Up until then, Blizzard had been more popular and suddenly the opposite was true.

Akiyama: The kids were really waiting to see Gouenji.

Endou’s voice actress exclaimed ‘Gouenji!’ in a happy shriek, haha.

Q Where did his false name Ishido Shuuji come from?

Hino: I’m fussy about names but I just had a feeling about this one, haha. It’s not an anagram or anything. By the way, his name was originally going to be Gouenji Harusuke. We were going to name the players after the seasons.

Akiyama: I was surprised Shuu was popular enough to get second place.

Hino: He must have made a huge impact in the movie.

Akiyama: In addition, Shuu in the first game is very strong. I wonder if he’s popular with kids too? …I was completely shocked that Fubuki wasn’t chosen. Even if Gouenji was missing, I thought Fubuki would definitely be chosen.

Hino: It was really surprising he didn’t get chosen…

Akiyama: I’m amused Tsurugi got third place. I like him, haha.

Hino: Tsurugi is a tsundere you know, haha. Even though when he first appeared he had a very dark aura, he’s suddenly turned into a very polite boy. The Tsurugi from the first series is nostalgic. I kind of miss him.

Akiyama: But in this fight, he’ll be bringing some of the old him back. Enjoy~

FIRST PLACE - Matsukaze Tenma
SECOND PLACE - Kidou Yuuto
FOURTH PLACE - Shindou Takuto
RUNNER-UP - Sakuma Jirou

Hino: I’m so glad a main character got first place!

Akiyama: It’s no surprise that someone as pure as Tenma is popular with kids!

Hino: Kidou from the first series of Endou’s story got second place, because of his main character status.

Akiyama: Kidou was a key figure in the first season. Half of his story is told through Endou.

Q Why are Kidou’s eyes completely red? Even though his sister Haruna’s eyes are grey.

Hino: It wasn’t my orders but it was decided his eyes would be red.

Akiyama: We got an order from staff members that even when he becomes an adult to keep his eyes hidden.

Hino: Third place was Aphrodi. He’s really this popular…

Akiyama: It’s definitely because he’s pretty.

Hino: Beautiful characters are often popular not just for their looks but when they’re worrying about something it makes them seem human, and that draws out their popularity. Yet Aphrodi’s never showed he’s particularly worried about anything, and he’s quite mysterious.

Akiyama: It’s because of his godlikeness.

Hino: He can even fly, haha.

Q As for Shindou who got fourth place, was Ibuki written to intentionally contrast against him?

Hino: Rather than contrast, they were supposed to have a bond. I thought bringing out the differences in their personality would be interesting.

Akiyama: Shindou’s the commander so in order to win he has to train the goalkeeper well. The goalkeeper is the last line of defence. And Ibuki hates to lose so he’ll work hard for Shindou.

Q Ibuki seems kind of like a puppy around Shindou

Akiyama: Right, isn’t it cute? ‘How was that, Shindou? Are you looking? Shindou?’

FIRST PLACE - Endou Kanon
RUNNER UP - Suzuno Fusuke (Gazel)

Q Who did you want to be chosen as the super sub?

Akiyama: Burn and Gazel, and they’ve gotta be chosen as a set. As for Kanon, now Junko-san has to play two roles and it’s hard work.

Q That’s the reason??

Hino: If we’re talking in terms of voice actors, shouldn’t Fideo’s voice actor come?

Akiyama: Fideo would be good. He’s a bright, friendly kid.

Hino: Alright, I pick Fideo!

FIRST PLACE - Nanobana Kinako
SECOND PLACE - Kazemaru Ichirouta
THIRD PLACE - Kirino Ranmaru
FOURTH PLACE - Tsunami Jousuke

Akiyama: I was surprised Kinako got first place, but she’s popular with elementary school girls I guess.
Hino: Kinako was a character I was very fussy about when it came to creating her. We gave her a distinctive way of speaking, ‘Yan ne~’ which she says too much. Her special move mochi mochi kinako mochi is amusing.

Akiyama: It was written in Hino-san’s original project. Because Kinako has the same pronunciation as kinako (Japanese sweet) haha.

Hino: Kazemaru was a close second but he’s always been suuuper popular. No new character can win against Kazemaru’s popularity.

Akiyama: Kazemaru’s kind of like a samurai, so there are a lot of kids who would love to become friends with him.

Hino: He’s the kind of character you really want to become friends with.

Akiyama: Originally Kazemaru used to be called Kabeyama and Kabeyama used to be called Kazemaru, despite his big body.

Hino: That’s right. But the names didn’t suit them, so we switched them. You can see evidence of his old name in the DVD extra graduation album!

Q By the way, are Kazemaru and Endou childhood friends?

Hino: Yes, that’s right. They went to the same elementary school. Kirino and Shindou are also childhood friends.

Akiyama: Kazemaru was in the track club and Endou was in he soccer club in elementary school, but Kirino and Shindou were always together in the soccer club. They sit in Shindou’s piano room, drinking black tea.

Hino: Wasn’t them being childhood friends shown in the anime?

Q It wasn’t. And neither was the idea that Kirino hates looking like a girl.

Hino: Oh, really? Well then, I’ll confirm it now!

Akiyama: Even though Kirino himself still stubbornly wears those girly twin tails, haha.

Hino: A masculine hairstyle wouldn’t suit Kirino. When we tried to give him a ponytail, you couldn’t see him as anything but a girl, haha.


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