kanon endou

The one good thing about Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match is that you get an accurate side-by-side comparison of the height of each SAKKAA kid. Here’s some things I noted:
* Bicycle Sword man is taller than everyone else despite being only a 7th grader.
* Endou is smoller than Tenma despite Tenma being smol already.
* The shortest are quite literally tied by Kanon and Kinako.

That’s pretty much it. :P


i drew these last year (i think) for the release of the inazuma best eleven vs battle eleven ova release - but i never finished the battle eleven part

it started out as a watercolour piece too but i think i messed up pretty far in and then lost motivation to finish it

but i came across the sketch while looking for smth and thought “why not finish it now??” but chose computer colo this time so they don’t fit as well together as i planned. i posted the best eleven a while ago so not exactly smth new