kanohi nuva

Headcanon on the Nuva Symbols

[[OOC: So I’ve been thinking: One thing about 2003 that always irked me was the fact that the Toa’s powers were now wholly dependent their on their Nuva symbols remaining in the right place - the fact that they can now be rendered almost completely powerless just by moving one little stone tile is not only HUGELY limiting (making their supposed “upgrade” into Nuva more of a downgrade in that respect), but also entirely pointless, as it was never again addressed. All the more baffling is that their creation was attributed to Artakha, despite being more hindrance than help. So how come they were never addressed again, and seemingly regarded as unimportant?

Here’s my headcanon: It’s already canon that the Toa Nuva couldn’t access their extra Kanohi Nuva while in Karda Nui, because the surrounding dome prevented anything else from passing through, via teleportation or otherwise. Theoretically, this isolation should also apply to whatever link they have to their respective Symbols…. and yet they are all shown using their elemental powers while within the dome.

How is this possible? Simple: Artakha originally created the Nuva symbols as a safeguard for anyone who underwent the Nuva transformation - after all, as the most powerful Toa alive, there was a high risk if they ended up using their powers irresponsibly (and considering the Toa Mata/Nuva’s proclivity toward immature infighting at this time, that was very possible - especially with Tahu).

HOWEVER, by the time that the Toa Nuva finally met Artakha in person, and received their Adaptive Armor, they had already more than proved themselves to be responsible, mature heroes, and thus it was during this time that Artakha somehow negated their dependence on the Symbols, having deemed them no longer necessary to keep the Nuva in line.

What do you all think?]]


Robbed of their original Kanohi and without their Elemental Powers, this story follows the journey of Tahu, Lewa, and Pohatu as they square off against the Gahlok-Kal, hoping to win back their Kanohi Nuva and their dignity. But any given Bohrok Kal is a formidable adversary, the Gahlok-Kal more than most. Together, the Toa must learn the value of strategy if they wish to win the day.

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