The only thing that bother me with my new pants is that now we can see my black shirt on the bottom of my waist coat which wasn’t the case before and I seriously don,t know what to do anymore about it. ANYWAY.

have a fabulous Jack with rainbow hair (’cause fuck it dying them just for that con) and the amazing group that we are <3

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Ok, my answer Guru... Riddle me this....What if, and please don't kill me for voice an reoccurring nightmare of mine, Jamie dies in Wentworth either by hanging or BJR. Either Claire/Murtagh never make in time or they can not get him out. What happens to Claire? Is she pregnant with Faith? Does she keep her promise and go back to Dougal???? Does she return to Frank???? Does she stay with Murtagh????? A doppelganger, a fetch or a fae appear??? I need answers. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi...

There are quite a few questions in here so let me try to take them one at a time.

1). If Jamie died at Wentworth what happens to Claire?

This would certainly depend on the circumstances you put forth in some of the other questions. Assuming Jamie was dead when she arrived on the scene to speak with the Governor of the prison, I think she would have had Murtagh take her back to Craigh na Dun so she could go home to the 20th Century. I’m not sure she would try to get back together with Frank. A large part of why she did that when she returned pregnant with Brianna is because Jamie specifically wanted her to; he wanted his child to have a father and he believed Frank would be a good man to Claire and to their child but at this point in the books, he hasn’t made that request of her so I think it would have to do with where she is most comfortable and without Jamie at her side, I think that would be in her own time.

2) Is she pregnant with Faith?

Personally, I am in the “Faith was conceived at Lallybroch before Jamie was arrested” camp, so yes, I believe she was already pregnant with Faith and would have gone through the stones to give birth to her and raise her in the 20th Century. Again, I’m not convinced that Claire would have gotten back together with Frank at that point but it also was much sooner after she left him so maybe… 

3) Does she keep her promise and go back to Dougal?

While I don’t think that Claire would have gone back to Dougal or married him, that possibility becomes much more interesting with Claire already pregnant with Faith. A big part of why Dougal wants to marry Claire at that time is to retake control of Lallybroch and the surrounding property. That property passes to Claire upon Jamie’s death but would almost certainly go instead to their child if/when that child was born. So if Claire were to have married Dougal in such an event, I think she would do so knowing that his underlying goal of taking control of the Lallybroch property would ultimately fail as soon as he learned Claire was carrying Jamie’s child. Then that child would probably be in a bit of danger but you better believe Murtagh would end Dougal in his efforts to protect wee Faith. But, I still don’t think Claire would have gone through with it. Instead I think the property would have passed to Jenny and her heirs and Dougal would have been left wondering where the hell Claire had disappeared to.

4). Does she return to Frank?

Maybe… At that point the stuff with BJR might not have happened and so while she wouldn’t have the best impressions/memories of BJR, any associations she might still make between him and Frank aren’t what they are post-Wentworth and healing Jamie at the Abbey in France (or post-Paris and the duel/loss of Faith) so there’s certainly a chance she might… But again, without Jamie expressly asking her to take up with Frank again for their child’s sake, I’m not convinced it would happen.

5) Does she stay with Murtagh?

Now that would be an interesting route for that story to take and I could definitely see Murtagh helping Claire escape from Scotland (and Dougal) by either helping get her away to France or even to the colonies (without a seasick Jamie, there would be many more options). Since Jamie was the one with the price on his head, there’s also a possibility that Murtagh could take Claire back to Lallybroch where she could stay with Jenny and Ian and raise her and Jamie’s child there with his family’s help (and wee Faith would then inherit the estate).

6) A doppelganger, a fetch or a fae appear?

Yes to all of the above. They befriend wee Faith who, with Murtagh’s help, get them to help guard Lallybroch from the likes of Dougal MacKenzie and Red Coat soldiers. 

Hope these answers help.      ; )

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**Disclaimer: These are purely my opinions based on my interpretations of the characters involved and the circumstances of the books at this point in the series.**

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Anakin skywalker personally wrote every single anti-sand aesthetic post about new vegas

so Elijah mentions a faction called the Ciphers i got interested in because it mentions a pueblo in mesa verde and i think its near blyth which ive been to
but anyway! one of them is in van burren and described looking like obi wan kanobi. just funny to me lmao!

anyway ill kick every anakins ass because deserts are cool.

bestfriend!anakin as a young boy before being taking away to become a jedi would be so fun. after you both finished your chores anakin and you would meet up behind the market running around looking for parts in the sandy desert for the next race he was going to enter. sometimes you’d worry tho because you didnt want your best friend to get hurt :( but once qui-gon jinn and obi wan kanobi came and told him he was to be taken to be trained as a jedi you were sad cause your loosing your best friend. before anakin left with them he gave you a hug and looked at you. “its okay y/n one day ill come back for you and mom and ill be a jedi knight and we can play and have fun again” even tho tears when down your baby cheeks, you still smiled and hugged him again. once they told him it was time to go, he waved goodbye to the ones he loved before getting onto the space ship and disappeared into the sky

  • roller coaster operator voice: well that was um...something? sara harvey has become robby ray stewart, jenna marshall can't flirt and spannas friendship is falling apart faster than toby wan kanobi's engagement. in other news, the most predictable proposal happened, noel kahn descended from heaven and more than just the fans are fed up with the pll's shit. caleb is a little bitch and ran away and emily is still a dumbass with a revolving door of girlfriends. jason dilaurentis has yet to appear and mary drake is creepy as shit. tune in next week to see miley cyrus appear with her father and for an awkward reunion between caleb and spencer