What Happened Today

Author: The Lovely, @the-anon-angel (she’s wonderful btw and you should definitely go give her a follow)

Summary: The reader learns that Cas has absolutely no knowledge of the Star Wars franchise and decides to fix that.

Warnings: None.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

The bunker door swung closed behind the brothers. They stood in shock at the top of the stairs, gazing down at you and Cas. There were prices of shattered glass all across the floor. You clutched a bleeding hand to your chest. Cas had an electric blue streak in his hair. There were pillows on the table. There was also what appeared to be a Millennium Falcon.

“What the hell happened here?!?” Dean exploded, marching down the steps.

“I can explain, you see… well… could it wait till I stitch up my hand?” You smiled sweetly at your brothers.

“Yes.” Sam said at the same time as Dean yelled, “No.”

“Common Dean, there is a sane explanation to all of this, and it can wait till we make sure that Y/n is okay.”

“Fine, but you aren’t stitching yourself up. I’ll do it.” Dean sighed, pulling the medical kit down.

“Um, could Sam?” You asked, slightly scared. “Not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that, well, you’re mad, and you aren’t gentle when you’re mad.”

“I am not mad!” Dean yelled, followed promptly by a swear as he crushed glass underneath his shoe. “Okay, yeah, Sam, you should do this.”

“Or I could just heal her.” Cas had been silent up until that moment.

“You couldn’t have suggested that earlier?”

“We are enemies, Y/n. You are a rebel and I am with the empire. I could not help an enemy.”

“You’re with the empire?! No wonder all of my plans failed us. How could you? You were my most trusted advisor! You shall die!” Hand forgotten you pulled out a lightsaber and put yourself in fighting stance. “Defend yourself, traitor!”

Cas’ blue saber crashed against your purple one as the two of you danced around the room. “You are the traitor, Y/n. You have rebelled against our Master, Darth Vader. I have been sent to end you!”

“Not if I end you first!” You lunged forward, a clean death shot guaranteed, but a strong arm around your waist stopped you from victory.  “Let me go, villain! I must defend my self against this turncoat!”

“Y/n, you’re getting blood every were! Calm down!” Sammy threw you gently onto the couch and sat on top of you, crushing the breath from your lungs. Dean had calmed down Cas, and he came and pressed a finger to your forehead. You could feel the familiar trail of grace as it trickled down to your hand.

“Okay, would someone please explain what is going on.”



“Oh my god! Cas! We have to go see the new Star Wars! Sam and Dean are out of town, it’s the perfect time, can we go, please?” You hung onto Cas’ arm as he stood there and stared at you with that blank face of his.

“I do not understand this ‘Star Wars’ you speak of.” You jumped away from him as if you had been burned.

Not understand Star Wars? Cas, YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF STAR WARS?!”

“Why are you yelling?” Cas asked, his eyes wide with confusion. Silence fell heavy in the air as you stared at your friend. Then you turned and ran. Cas followed you without question even though he was confused. He found you in your room crouched in front of your case of movies.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a brilliant man named George Lucas. He wrote and directed three movies. Well, six. But we don’t speak of the other three. The movies were called, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi.” You finished digging around and pulled out the three movies that you were speaking of. “They told the story of a brave young man who stood up against tyranny and saved the beautiful princess. They fell in love but that kinda fell apart when they found out that they were siblings, so that was kinda awkward. There was Obi Wan Kanobe, Han Solo, Chewy, and many more amazing characters, all striving to free the galaxies from the rule of the Empire. And you, my friend, are gonna learn tonight.” 

Within a few minutes you had the first movie in and playing. “Have a seat, young Jedi, and begin your training.” You patted the spot beside you on your bed and smiled at Cas. He looked like he wanted to scan you to see if you had gone insane. But instead he sat down and began to watch.

Seven hours, ten bags of popcorn, and two liters of root beer later found you and Cas crouched down behind an over turned couch. “There are two Imperial walkers targeting out defense shield on the left, and a fleet of fighters coming in from the right. The walkers are our main concern. Can I trust you to take them to take them down?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Remember, do or do not, there is no try.” With a mighty battle cry you jumped over the couch. Cas swung his lightsaber at chairs that had been stacked up to look like walkers. You clutched a lego Millennium Falcon in your hand, flying it to silverware that you had hung from the ceiling. You could here Cas humming the Darth Vader theme song behind you, and as you turned to make another sweep at the attacking Imperial forces you swung your arm to wide. A loud crash sounded as the vase slammed into the ground. It had been broken before it hit the ground, but the impact caused it to shatter. A small stream of blood stained your precious ship.

“Cas! I’ve been hit! I’m going down!” You crash landed the Falcon onto the ground, laying spread eagle next to it. Cas slid to his knees next to you.

“Y/n! Y/n, can you hear me?”

“Of course I can hear you, you idiot! I’ve been hit, not deafened.” You stopped, face twisted. “Is deafened even a word?”

“I don’t know. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! Why aren’t you fighting the walkers? We must defend the princess!” You sprung to your feet, only wobbling a little bit when the blood rushed from your head. You clutched your hand to your chest, trying to stop the bleeding. The bunker door swung open, and your brothers walked in, the door slamming behind them.


“So, that’s what happened today.” You smiled, not scared at the least of what your brothers would do. You were the sweet innocent baby, and they always fell to your charms.

“Oh, my, god.” The boys stared at you like you were insane. “You introduced him to Star Wars and didn’t see this coming?” Dean scoffed.

“Cas, take Y/n to her room, please.” Sam said, having stopped sitting on you before the narrative had started.

“No! I will not go with a turncoat and traitor! He betrayed me! And you!” You swung your lightsaber towards both your brothers. “You would hand me over to him to be delivered to the lair of our enemy, Darth Vader? I trusted you!”

“Y/n. It’s over. Call a truce, make a treaty, whatever. Just be done.” Dean was starting to get exasperated. You could see him start to show the signs that you had learned to look for growing up with his as your elder sibling.

“I will willingly give up my life for the sake of the Alliance.” With a sharp nod in his direction you strode to Castiel.

“Wait, why is Cas’ hair blue?”

“You know? I honestly don’t know.” You smiled at them before marching down the hall. As soon as the door was closed you turned to face your jailer. “What time is it?”

“Eleven thirty.” Cas answered with a sparkle in his eye, aware of what you were going to ask next.

“Want to catch the midnight showing of The Force Awakens?”

“Yes.” He slipped his hand into your newly healed one and with a flutter of wings the rebel and her traitor where on their way to a new adventure.