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Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuichi and Ki-bo playing horror games with their S/O?

Omg I love horror games although most of my friends don’t, I hope you enjoy!

Request: Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuuichi and Kiibo playing horror games with their S/O

Kokichi Ouma:

Five Nights At Freddy’s

- “Ouma - kun it’s just a mechanical bear…”


- “Check the door!”

- He quickly flicks the light on to find Bonnie standing in the door way

- “Nope.”

- He presses the button and closes the door

- “This is so stressful S/O - chan how do you play this for fun?”

- He flicks the camera’s back up and looks around

- “I find it fun”

- As soon as he flicks the camera down, Chica is there ready to jumpscare him

- He literally falls off his chair so you quickly catch him

- “What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.”

- “You died Ouma - kun, see you’re in the suit now” You point to the game over screen and he sighs

- “So…. Wanna play the other 4 games and an RPG version of it which is cute?”


- “Scared?”

- “Nishishi~ I’m a liar S/O - chan, I was…. Faking my reactions so you’d have fun…”

- You wrap your arms around him and give him a quick kiss on the cheek

- “Okay then, I’ll play with you this time though!”

- He sure prefers that option more

Nagito Komaeda:

Resident Evil Series

- “Komaeda - kun! Let’s play Resident Evil 6 together okay?”

- After showing him how the controls work the two of you begin

- He picks the first campaign and each time there’s something that references past games you make sure to explain it to him

- He’s not really the type to be scared of games, he knows it’s all fictional

- Except when a jumpscare happens

- He just sort of leans back a bit before trying to kill the creature

- “S/O - san, do you find this fun?”

- “Yeah! Most people say it’s stupid, oh pick up that herb, but I like this game!”

- After completing one campaign he seems somewhat bored so you quickly spring into action

- “You can play Resident Evil 7 now! It’s better in VR so…”

- You put on the goggles for him and again explain the controls to him

- He seems a lot more scared now, he even flinches at times

- “This is amazing! It’s almost like I’m the- AAH!”

-You can’t help but giggle, it’s rare for him to scream

- At one point he lifts the goggles and looks around the room

- “You know, I much rather prefer this house rather than that weird… Haunted one… But the story is good! I wonder what awaits me!”

- “Well, knowing your luck, you’ll finish the game by the end of the day

- He gives you the goggles for a bit and the two of you keep switching until eventually you reach the ending

Makoto Naegi:

The Witch’s House

- An.. RPG horror game? Well it’s not something he’d usually play but you seemed really keen to show him so… What could go wrong


- He’s screaming within like 5 minutes

- “Naegi - kun just go into the next room!”


- You have to quickly lean over and save him

- Once you’re safe he lets out a sigh of relief and you just start laughing

- “How about I turn the lights off?”

- “NO!”

- “Awh, I’m just teasing!”

- “You said you liked this game! It’s scary!”

- “Duh! I do like it, there’s 2 endings you can get so come on!”

- He screams again when a painting attacks him

- It takes a while but he finally gets one ending

- “No way! They killed her?!”

- “Go get the second ending!”

- Once he does he stares at you in shock

- “What a twist! I was not expecting that!”

- “It’s good right?”

- “Oh don’t get me wrong S/O - san, I’m still going to be sleeping with a night lamp on because of you but… Yeah!”

- You laugh and give him a hug

Chihiro Fujisaki:


- You asked him if he’s sure that he wants to play it

- “Mm… I want to try and beat it…”

- You make sure you sit next to him as he skillfully moves around the map

- The first page was quite easy to find, he was so happy!

- You kept cheering for him 

- … And then Slender man appeared

- “Hyaaa!”

- He instantly clings to your arm and hides, pressing his forehead to your arm

- “He’s creepy…”

 - “Haha, awh it’s okay Fujisaki - kun I’ll protect you!”

- He watches you play for a while, never letting go of your arm

- You offer him another go from time to time but he kindly declines telling you he prefers watching you play

- He decides that he’s not a fan of horror games and will most definitely not be playing this game again

- You make sure he’s okay seeing as he’s still clinging onto your arm

- “Hey Fujisaki - kun, how about I make us a nice cup of hot chocolate each and then we can play a game that you like?”

- He nods and quickly closes the game, he doesn’t want to delete it because you like it and that would just be mean!

- The two of you then play one of his games and he tells you all about it even going as far as saying how some things were programmed into it

Shuuichi Saihara:


- Horror games? He hasn’t really played games but if you want to then he can try

- You tell him that in this game you’re a journalist investigating a psychiatric hospital and that automatically sparks his interest

- You can see that he’s shaking, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to turn the lights off….

- When there’s a particularly scary moment he jumps a little and then clings onto you

- You giggle and pat his arms

- “This is… Why is it so scary… Ah…”

- “You know there’s a sequel right?”

- “A SEQUEL?!”

- “Yeah wanna play the demo?”

- “Um… After we finish the first one”

- “Okie dokie!”

- Surprisingly he’s quite good at the game even though he takes quite a long time to come out of his hiding spot, just to be extra careful 

- The jumpscares are what get him the most but he comments how he likes the general environment seeing as it sends shivers down his spine

- He offers you to play from time to time

- “This is…. Quite different from the novels I read but… I can see why you enjoy this S/O - san”

- If he seems particularly scared you make sure to hold his hand which he squeezes occasionally


Corpse Party

- Horror games? He never played anything like that

- You made a joke suggesting you should just plug the device into him


- After a brief explanation of no it’s just a joke you hand him the PSP

- It takes him a while to figure out what each button does but he gets the hang of it soon

- He seems quite relaxed at the start of Chapter 1… Until the end that is


- He’s the kind of person who would question the actions of the protagonists

- “Why would you split up that is obviously a bad idea!”

- “What? Why would you do something you found on the internet?”

- When the plot twist happens it takes him a while to process what just happened

- “Wait no that’s not… But… But why?!”

- You can basically hear cogs turning in his head as he tries to figure it out

- You make sure to tell him to save regularly because there’s a lot of bad endings

- Bad endings? He’s intrigued now

- He spends ages trying to 100% complete the game and when he finally does he’s very proud to tell you that

- “Um… I’m really happy for you Kiibo - kun!… There’s a lot more games though haha…”

- “Let’s play them all!… Just don’t leave me alone please”

- Who knew robots could get scared

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After seeing the drawing of the girls in bunny outfits (which was A++++ btw) im kinda curious to see how Chrom and Silas would react to seeing them dressed like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ki holds Chrom’s hand a lot, please understand

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The NDRV3 guys with an S/O who's normally very quiet but when she gets extremely tired she's suddenly much more talkative and tends to giggle a lot?

Awh that sounds cute! :D

NDRV3 Boys with an S/O who’s normally very quiet but when she gets extremely tired she’s suddenly much more talkative and tends to giggle a lot

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He noticed that you were quiet most of the time but he honestly didn’t mind seeing as he was kind of the same

- You told him you had a lot of work to do so he kind of left you to it

- But when he found you snoozing on the desk he just had to help you a bit

- He gently shook your shoulders “ S/O - san, I think you need a break”

- You just quietly giggle before rubbing your eyes

- “Hey hey Saihara - kun, do you want to know what I was writing?”

- “I think you should get some rest first”

- He helps you up and then leads you to the bedroom, that still doesn’t stop you from telling him all about your essay and giggling

- He tries to leave you so you can fall asleep but you cling onto him as you continue talking and giggling

- About 10 minutes later you finally begin to murmur until you just cuddle up to his chest and fall asleep

- He’s blushing, you’re awfully cute like that… But really you shouldn’t be that tired so he’ll make sure to keep an eye on that

Kaito Momota:

- He was just watching a NASA Livestream on YouTube

- You suddnely walked in and kinda collapsed on him

- “Oooooh~ Pretty stars!” You giggle as you point to some of them

- “They’re sparkly hehe”

- “Uh, you okay S/O?”

- “I’m tired…”

- Oh that explains it

- You start muttering whilst leaning against his shoulder

- He just pats your head and wraps his jacket around you

- It doesn’t take long for you to doze off and once you do he gently shifts you so that you’re sleeping on his lap

- WhyAreYouSoCute


- It seems like humans need recharging too

- But why are you wasting more battery life by speaking and giggling

- You were just holding onto him as you were muttering on about something, he wasn’t quite sure what you were saying

- “S/O - san, would you like a recharge?”

- “A recharge?… But I’m not a phone! Hehe… Kiibo - kun is so funny!”

- He moves a bit and catches you as you just fall forward

- “Ow… Kiibo - kun has a hard chest…”

- You lazily rub your cheek as he just kind of half drags you to the closest bed, as in the sofa

- He carefully places you on it and quickly runs to get a blanket

- By the time he’s back, you’re already asleep

- He quickly wraps the blanket around you and just smile, maybe you should need recharging more often :’)

Rantaro Amami:

- He knew you were a quiet person but he honestly didn’t mind

- You were spending the afternoon just as you usually would, reading together

- Out of the corner of his eye though he could see that you were going in and out of sleep

- “You tired S/O - san?”

- “Huh… No..Hehe… No”

- The two of you continue reading before he hears you talking again

- It takes him a second to realise that you’re not talking to him, you’re just reading your book out loud and… Giggle when there’s a long word

- He finds it somewhat cute but he can tell you’re exhausted

- “Alright, up we go”

- He walks over to you and then picks you up so that you’re clinging to him like a koala

- “Wheeee~”

- “Nap time”

- You puff your cheeks at him

- “I don’t wanna nap time!”

- He literally has to lie down with you to make you fall asleep

Kokichi Ouma:

- The two of you were watching a movie, you normally just sit and watch whilst he has several jokes or comments he always wants to make

- This time however, you were giggling quite a lot

- That’s kinda weird… No one is saying anything right now

- He gives you a confused look which causes you to giggle a bit more

- “Ouma - kun has a funny face haha… Stop that haha”

- “Nishishi… Seems like S/O - chan is slightly different today”

- He can’t help himself, your giggles are too adorable

- He leans in and starts tickling you

- You erupt into a fit of giggles 

- “Stop it hahah… Ouma - kun haha…”

- “You’re too cute S/O - chan”

- You pout at him and then pull him into a hug

- He’s just lying on top of you as you cling onto him, he’s blushing slightly

- “Okie I’m going to have a nap now.”

- You make sure you’re hugging him tight enough so that he can’t escape and drift off to sleep

- He’s majorly blushing now

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He wanted to go on a walk with you, you seemed kinda tired and he heard that walks always wake someone up!

- He noticed that you were talking but… Not to him

- He looked around but found that there wasn’t anyone around

- “S/O - san, who are you talking to?”

- You just giggle

- Gonta has no idea why you’re laughing but.. Gonta loves hearing your laugh!

- The pair of you walk on a bit more until you just stop and lower yourself onto the ground

- “Sorry Gonta - kun… I’m just gonna…”

- You don’t even finish your sentence

- Gonta scratches his head for a second before simply picking you up and carrying you over his shoulder

- You occasionally wake up and mumble something about flying

- Okay so it turns out walks don’t wake everyone up

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He found an interesting documentary that he wanted to watch with you

- You had quite a lot of work to do but you wanted to spend some time with him so you accepted his offer

- You sat close to him and tried your best to pay attention…

- … For the first 10 minutes

- You just kinda started repeating what the person was saying to try and understand it

- He raises an eyebrow at you, you usually don’t say a word

- “Hey… Shinguji - kun… What does mask mean?”

- “Are you seriously asking this?”

- He points to his own mask

- “Haha… Oh yeah… Don’t you think it’s weird though. Like… Maaaa sk”

- He squints slightly at you, you’re either tired, drunk or both

- You then let out a big yawn and lean against the sofa

- You continue your realisation but it doesn’t take long for you to start snoozing

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He had a match to attend

- You came along to support him even though he knew you’d just quietly sit at the front and clap

- He was wrong


- What.

- He’s so shocked he actually forget to hit the ball back

- “Huh… Hoshi - kun you have to hit the….” You burst into giggles “You have to hit the balls ahahahah”

- He just stands there still confused

- And then he remembers

- You pulled an all nighter

- So that what happens when you don’t get sleep

- He just kinda facepalms

- When the match is over he comes over to you

- You’re just giggling and… He likes it but… You really need some sleep now

NDRV3 Boys and their s/o in Summer Holidays

“NDRV3 Boys: They and their s/o in the summer holidays Heacanons”

i am kinda hyped for the summer holidays, so this came up. even though i still have to wait about 2 months or so. – mod chiaki

Shuuichi Saihara

• He isn’t that hyped for the holidays

• Sure, he is glad that he’s able to spend more time with you!

• But he thinks of them as regular holidays; nothing too special.

• Don’t drag him to the beach, he refuses to go

• “B…But if you want to go that badly, s/o, then fine…”

• He hates sand, it’s literally everywhere, even after a goddamn week. 

• Though he likes the sunny weather.

Kaito Momota

• Hell yes, time to go out and party everyday!

• Honestly, he’s super pumped for summer

• The night sky is super clear and you can see the stars just perfectly! And the weather is great, it’s not so cold anymore!

• He would drag you almost every night outside to go stargazing

• “We need to go to the beach. There’s no other option.”

• “Kaito, we don’t have to-”


• He just wants to see you in a bikini/in swimming trunks smh

Rantarou Amami

• He likes the summer holidays

• Great opportunities to go outside and just take nice walks under the sun

• And even if it gets too warm, he refuses to take his accessories off

• “Rantarou, isn’t that a little uncomfortable? It’s hella warm…”

“What are you talking about, s/o, I’m absolutely fine, haha.”

• He really wants to go sightseeing and go to many festivals and all; if you have the opportunity, you should use it!

• Roadtrips and camping are a must

• He just wants to take the opportunity and spent time with you outside and explore!

Kokichi Ouma

• “s/o, we will go to the beach and you’ll wear this bikini/these swimming trunks.”

• “Kokichi, no, these are too revealing.”

• Just kidding! Though he really likes the summer holidays

• You need to go to the beach at least once. 

• Honestly, he would bring all these water toys for kids like these water guns and shot you with water anytime you wouldn’t expect it.

“Kokichi, I’m trying to eat, stop it.”

• He would try to piss you off, basically.

Kiibo / K1-B0

• To be honest, he doesn’t really care that it’s summer.

• It makes no difference for him, the weather is just brighter and warmer, it doesn’t affect him that much. 

• “s/o, you look really displeased and your face is all red! What’s wrong?!”

• “It’s so warm and it feels like death is near…”


• He worries about your wellbeing when it gets too warm though.

• However, nothing else would really change for him to be honest.

Gonta Gokuhara



• He’d be super excited and would be outside the entire time.

• You need to come with him; hang out with his little friends. He would tell you all about them and be super excited and happy.

• Such a pure cinnamon roll, he loves summer.

• I bet he would like to go to festivals! Then you can play together these cute games where you can win prizes like plushies!

• He insists that you keep them.

• Though if it’s a bug plushie, step off, the gentleman wants it-

Ryoma Hoshi

• Hm. I think he’s pretty okay with the fact that it’s summer.

• Though if it’s getting too hot so that he has to take his beanie off, he might get grumpy.

“Ryoma, you’re being ridiculous. Just take that thing off, you’re sweating.”

“No, it’s fine, I am used to sweat a lot.”

“Are you seriously trying to tell me that you’re using ‘playing tennis’ as an excuse–”

• He isn’t fond of the the beach either; too much sand and too many loud kids.

• He won’t admit it, though he thinks that the sunset at a beach is very beautiful.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

• Another one who refuses to take off his accessories. But he is the worst out of them.

• No matter what, he will wear his mask.

• You wonder how he survives like this.

• He honestly sees nothing too special about summer and summer holidays. Nothing to get super hyped about.

• Though he would probably tell you a few folklore stories related to summer and stuff. if there are any, i have no idea about his talent jeez

• He seems more like the type who enjoys the view like sunsets at the beach, or how light falls through the leaves in a forest.

• He would definitely go to a festival though and you should come along, too.

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Am I the only one impressed that Krillin was able to clearly and distinctly sense Goku’s ki the way he did?

No, it’s actually a known fact that Krillin is very adept to KI. He always was really good at sensing/manipulating it.And now he truly mastered it after  he worked on the issues/mental blockages that kept him from using his full potential. He did that in eppie 75/76.

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