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Some fans feel Matsuri plays faves with kaname more often than I like and yea I don’t like how kanme got to live at the end because imo, he didn’t do anything to deserve that but I still don’t think he was treated any better than Zero. considering how many people hate kaname I don’t think that;s true. I just don’t feel good when I saw fellow fans thinking zero wasn’t treated fair cause it sounds like theyre saying he didn’t get the happy ending he got.

Hey anon. Let me say right away that, no, I don’t think Matsuri Hino favors Kaname over Zero. I’m with you on that, so don’t worry. :D

But I can understand why some people might feel that way. Kaname was over ten-thousand-years old and dealing with very young children, manipulating a little girl’s perception of him during her childhood, only to then lead her into a relationship with him based on lies, blackmail, and manipulation. He also committed many crimes, even orchestrated the murder of a little boy’s family for the sake of using HIM for the rest of his [likely short — in K’s hands] life. The fact that in the end he never shows any regret for his actions, never did anything to pay for all the lives he actively threw away, it does feel unfair that he even gets a third chance at life.

But I feel that removing him from all the characters lives at the end of the story, letting all the characters find their true loves and happiness’s for a thousand years without him there, and the fact that Matsuri Hino actually had characters berate him, scorn him, named a chapter after his arrogance, had him call Zero and Yuuki radiant and that they were DESTINED for each other, I don’t see her “forgiving” actions to Kaname as favoritism so much as I see them as pity/sympathy for who he once was, and most of all I see that she does these things for the sake of his fans.

Hino does try to talk him up, “glorify” him for being mysterious, a chess master, or for the way he was once a senpai or older brother figure, but she inevitably tears those images apart. The last few chapters were a mess due to her trying to give him a happy ending in his own way, but the end result was the same; he still burned for over a thousand years as his shell was kept frozen in the old furnace room, he was still turned human, given limited time to change his perspective and find happiness, and he was still made to be without all the people he had wronged so that he could pay for his actions in some way that said his presence was not needed with them. Regardless, this all happened if he was repentant or not.

With Zero, Matsuri Hino did have him start out with a withdrawn attitude — formed due to the traumatic matter in which he lost his family and his humanity — but one could even think she favored Zero with all the well written content she put into his development. He was made to live as the knight the story was named after, she made his character design one that would stand out, she made him go through all three of the different classes [human, hunter, vampire] that she created for her story so that he understood each side, she made him an adorable sweetheart to children and animals, a genius in his studies, respected and envied by Ichijo, a funny friend to Aidou, the one Yuuki wanted to cherish the moment she first met him, the cool guy girls admired from afar because — yeah he was gorgeous but a little scary to them, but we as fans through seeing Zero through Yuuki’s eyes knew — he was more than met the eye. An amazing and genuine person whom you couldn’t help but love. Hino showed us all sides of him so well that no one could say he deserved nothing but the best by the story’s end. Zero Kiryuu was Hino’s Vampire Knight whom she raised perfectly from chapter one to ninety-four.

So although I’m in agreement with those that are tired of seeing Hino try to save Kaname’s poorly crafted, not fully realized character, I can understand why she tries. During the time we got to glimpse into his past, we were able to see he wasn’t always a horrible person, and in fact actually reminded Yuuki of Zero with the way he carried himself all those centuries ago. But for Kaname, going through thousands of years filled with experiences he himself could only remember the bad of, he was changed into someone bad, and the only way this “bad guy” could be saved was to be removed and placed somewhere else in time… alone. He had to be completely removed from the other characters in VK as there was no way everyone, including him, could’ve been happy otherwise, and that doesn’t sound very flattering or praiseworthy to me.

And it is as you said, there is a reason why so many people are justified in not liking Kaname’s character, and there’s a reason why Zero is so favored around the world. Matsuri Hino doesn’t favor Kaname over Zero, but it might seem that way as she tried to make everyone happy in the end in ways that she felt they deserved, and most people tend to think Kaname didn’t deserve anything. Harsh, but true.

You didn’t really ask me a question so I kind of rambled on the matter. Zero, by FAR, got the better ending out of the two. Although his beginnings were rough and he suffered, he was able to live out his much longer than expected life with the girl he loved, and he knew she loved him most of all and that he could pull her back from darkness and make her life warm and happy for as long as they both lived. He was the perfect knight to his gentle princess, and they cherished each other the way they had always wanted to. In the end, Zero and Yuuki were given a fulfilled happy life full of love.

I think that’s the best end, all things considered.