kanlungan ni maria


Piso Para Kay Toto (Ika-apat na Ratsada)
Kanlungan ni Maria, Antipolo City
September 14-15, 2013

Last PPKT event I said to myself that I will still be in the next wave of their adventure through a helping hand goal, and here I am putting my words in the right place as I said it.

Just like last time, PPKT’s goal had been a successful project headed by simple individuals who owns a warm heart of helping others using the very simple ingredients they have on the box. This time, PPKT chose a home of one of the most precious people in everyone’s life, the people who honed every mother and father thru parenthood and life, the people who gave us inspiration and helped us in our journey as we grow up, and the people who loves to pinch our cheeks and tell us a story, our very own grandmothers and grandfathers. We managed to provide food for them, some set of needs that they can use and our very own time and talents to show them how we value the roots of a family. We also talked to them and let them tell us their story of life which they did without hesitation.

It was not just a charity work but also a learning process which gave each individual a new avenue in valuing the people around us and helps us to wake our soul up as we grow up and walk through the journey we chose. The best lesson that we will learn were not just written in books or seen online, most of them our spoken by the people who already been there and already learned it.



Patrick’s Birthday at Kanlungan ni Maria

Last last Saturday, in celebration of Pat’s birthday, we went to Kanlungan ni Maria. Actually, the night before, I was already feeling so tired so I was planning to back out, but since I miss the grandparents at Kanlungan already, and it was Pat’s birthday, I tagged along.

Early that morning, we shopped around first for the food that we will be bringing and the other things that we will be turning over to them. 

After buying stuff and chasing time, we were finally to make it to Kanlungan at around 11 in the afternoon. The grandparents were already waiting for us. I hurriedly looked for the grand mothers I met the previous year, and to my relief, they are still okay there! I missed my folks, you know.

It was really heart breaking to realize that these are abandoned grandparents. That these people do not have anyone else to call as family and anywhere else as home. Right now, they only have each other. It pains me to see them sad and cry because they are asking what has become of them. That despite of all their jolliness and enthusiasm, they are carrying something heavy inside. That everything else in the past is only a fragment of their memory now - a line or two in the stories they can share.


Chinito - Bloggers from Tumblr: PPKT (at Kanlungan ni Maria - Home for the Aged Inc.)


Been to Anawim Lay Missions Foundation (Montalban) and Kanlungan ni Maria (Antipolo) in Rizal last Wednesday (Dec21) as volunteer for our company’s annual Christmas Outreach Program.

I met wonderful Lolos and Lolas, they were really nice and warm. I even met Lola Toyang who is celebrating her 100th birthday today, December 23. Imagine! A hundred years of kicking ass! J/K! She must be really a good and strong woman.

It has been almost a decade since I first visited an orphanage and visiting a couple of homes for the elderly now just felt so inspiring. Spending a tad of my time and interacting with them, hearing their hilarious, moving, and timeless stories; exchanging smiles, “Thank you!s” and “Merry Christmass!” with them was priceless. I was really touched being thanked by a lola in wheelchair. Even though she was struggling to speak (I suppose because of stroke) she still extended her “Maraming Salamat!” with sincerity in her eyes. I saw that and that made me appreciate my parents more.

Not too long from now, my parents, like them, will turn old and gray. My father once asked us (his children), “Aalagaan n'yo ba kami ni Mama mo kapag matanda na kami?” All I could respond is silence. I always shun the mushy moments; it’s always awkward to talk about things as such. All I have in my mind is that I want my Mama and Papa to feel they are still loved and taken care of: physically, financially, socially, emotionally, spiritually – as long as I’m here and alive. They need not to ask from me for I’m very willing to share all that I have, all that I am.

One day we’ll all wither, make every moment worthwhile. May we all receive contentment and happiness this Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Meet Lola Toyang of Anawim Lay Missions Foundation (‘Anawim’, a Hebrew word, meaning ‘The poor of the Lord’) a.k.a. Granny Gaga, Anawim’s today’s centenarian. Happy Born This Way Day, Lola!

Surrounded by Christmas.

Kanlungan ni Maria’s Tatay Adriano in KPOP pose and her muse Nanay Lina who described herself in 3Ms: Malakas Kumain, Mabuti & Ma-beauty.

At your service.


PPKT Throwback

Nothing compares seeing the sweet smiles, hearing the lovely thank yous, and knowing that even for just a day, you have touched the lives of many children by making a difference in small possible ways. Just a portion of your time, some of your energy, some effort and there you go - through those simple things in life, you have made many children happy and you would never know how much of an impact that can cause for them. The Piso Para Kay Toto family, a charity group driven by Tumblr bloggers, believe in that.

Just a short run through. PPKT started last November 9, 2012 with a handful of bloggers who roamed around Manila asking limos from people and then giving merienda treats to street children afterwards. Then, PPKT’s second event was in February 2013 where more bloggers participated in the limos and merienda giving afterwards. Then on June 2013, more bloggers joined the limos and sponsors started helping PPKT that we were all able to give a back-to-school party where we sing and dance, and ate and played games with the children, and gave them school supplies and food treats afterwards to the children of the orphanage Associacion de Damas de Filipinas. The PPKT family grew bigger and more sponsors started helping us. On September 2013, we were able to make the abandoned grandpas and grandmas of Kanlungan ni Maria feel like they are children again - playing and singing and dancing and chatting with us. On the anniversary event of PPKT, we were able to both give treats to the street children of Manila and organize a costume party with the children patients of the Philippine Orthopedic Center. We also did story telling there with the Project Children’s Stories Anthology writers. Then, on the last event of PPKT last December 2013, we were able to give buko pandan treats on Christmas day itself to around 500 street children in Manila. Just a few days after, we organized a Christmas party with the young cancer warriors of Tahan-Tahanan at East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

Now, this coming June, we will make the children living in Payatas Dumpsite in Quezon City happy. Are you ready to selflessly share a portion of yourself to them? If you have the heart, then register via the registration sheet that I would be posting tomorrow at 4 in the afternoon. Keep updated via the PPKT tag! For more inquiries, please do contact any of the organizers: jakepullsthetrigger, monkeyymanwhore, whereislemon and randooomed. Thank you very much!