Actual things said by Kankri Vantas in [S] ACT 6 INTERMISSION 3 Part 1
  • To Karkat:(laugh 9ut l9ud)
  • To Karkat:#salty fl9urish #rude sh9uted swear w9rd
  • To Karkat, in regards to the Signless:Trigger warnings f9r the f9ll9wing c9ntent include: ancest9r 6ashing, faith shaming, l9ud swearing, t9rture, 6urn w9unds, ship sinking...
  • To Latula:Can y9u sc99t away 9n y9ur little wheeled t9y f9r immature wigglers? I was in the middle 9f a serm9n. #I mean, c9nversati9n.
  • To Latula, after saying stunk:9h, man, I'm s9rry. [...] #tw #tw #tw #s9rry #tw #a6leism
  • To Latula:#Trigger warning: #Em6arrassed retracti9ns ahead
  • To Latula:#Nasal privilege #H9riz9ns #6r9adness #H9riz9ntal width l9ngenning
  • To Latula, directly after complimenting her:all while 6eing a girl, n9 less.
  • To Latula:6e me? I... I'm n9t sure if that's... [...] Well... 9k. I'll interrupt my imperative m9n9l...dial9gue just this 9nce. F9r y9u.
  • To Karkat:Just remain standing here in this exact sp9t, while y9u take time t9 let the wisd9m 9f my w9rds take r99t in y9ur heart, and try n9t t9 wander 9ff with any69dy, 9k? 6e right 6ack. #"6r6"
  • To Latula:H9w are y9ur athletic t9y stunts g9ing? Are y9u getting a l9t 9f... a l9t 9f "air"? Am I saying that right? #Did y9u hang... #Hang 10? #N9 that can't 6e right...
  • To Latula:Haha. I guess. Y9u kn9w, it's really nice we can talk like this.
  • To Latula:And I'm just saying if my head was ever cl9uded 6y r9mantic feelings f9r y9u, I pr96a6ly w9uldn't 6e a6le t9 appreciate that a69ut y9u. [...] 9r the way y9ur hair fl9ws in the wind [...] 9r the way y9u make this funny little n9ise just as y9u c9nnect with 9ne 9f y9ur c9pi9us high fives, which can 9nly 6e heard 9ver the l9ud slap if y9u listen really cl9sely. [...] 9r the way y9u have always sh9wn kindness t9 pe9ple wh9 needed help, with9ut making them feel tragic 9r helpless f9r accepting it. 9r the way y9u still manage t9 l99k stylish even with9ut y9ur c99l shades [...] 9r, I d9n't kn9w if y9u remember, that time Meenah 6aked every69dy a cake. [...] Every69dy was raving a69ut h9w g99d the fresh 6aked cake smelled, s9 y9u t99k a 6ig sniff, I guess f9rgetting f9r a m9ment y9u c9uldn't smell. Then y9u quickly caught y9urself, and played it c99l making sure n9 9ne n9ticed, which n9 9ne did. 6ut I n9ticed. And I just th9ught that was kind of endearing. Anyway, I think all that w9uld have 6een c9mpletely l9st 9n me if we didn't have this str9ng plat9nic 69nd.