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Who would you ship Sai with, if Yamato didn't exist? (Ohgod, what am I saying: a world without Yamatooo??)

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…A world without Yamato?  Blasphemy!!

Ahem.  But.  If/when YamaSai is off the table, then I tend to ship Sai with either Naruto or Kankurou.  Naruto is probably obvious; there is a lot in Sai’s canon behavior that indicates Naruto’s importance to him and offers support to the shipper’s eye.  It does require a Naruto who is savvy enough to see where Sai’s feelings are headed and mature enough to recognize his own, so I tend to regard it as a ship that would happen as they get older, as Sai gets more and more in touch with himself.

Kankurou is…the thought first entered my mind when they got grouped into the same squad for the war.  It was a good excuse for them to interact and really I’d just like to see them get to interact more in other settings, see how they play off one another.  Also in their favor is the fact that Kankurou has a lot of experience dealing with off-kilter personality and some degree of emotional stunting via Gaara, which extrapolates nicely to an ability to relate to Sai’s quirks with equanimity.


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for it to work u need to keep 3 main factors in mind which are: 1. sasuke and sai hate each other 2. sasuke hooks up w kankuro for a while bc he wanted to get back at gaara 3. sai will literally fuck anyone that sasuke has fucked merely for competitions sake despite sakura telling him multiple times that that doesnt help his “sasukes copycat” rep (ik ik this means sai has at least tried to hook up with a. suigetsu b. gaara c. kiba if were talking abt that dark sasukiba au d. neji)

so sai wants to fuck kankuro but kankuro is like. kankuro. hes shaken about his break up with sasuke (aka he ran away after sasuke gave him a handjob and cried a little about it and never talked to him again)

sai: ive heard that sasuke was only capable of giving you a sad handjob and i think youre reasonably attractive despite smelling like old weed and dirty socks. im fairly sure i can at least blow you and make it worth your while

kankuro: i thought you wanted to talk about face painting????

sai: no. please keep up. anyway, i dont think you have friends but be sure to tell people how much better than sasuke i am

kankuro: haha. i guess we can date if we take it slow

sai: date?

kankuro: i mean like i guess things got weird with sasuke because hes also dating my brother gaara-

sai: gaara you say? after were done here can you give me his number?

Don’t say that Kankurou, the wolf boys won’t like it. (The Inu part, not the kinky part)

Aaanyway I just wanted to draw Sai in Ginta’s crop top or whatever that is. I’m sure Kankurou would find it an awesome birthday gift x) I’m two days early but Happy birthday Kankurou!

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Your current favourite Naruto couple and something with big fluffy sweaters? <3

I know I said I’d do only one request, but I’ve had a long exhausting day and the ShikaChou tag could use an update :)

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[Kankurou climbs through Sai’s bedroom window]
K: Hey handsome, nice bed-head.
S: Who is Scrooge?
K: Just a bloke who nearly died because he never had any fun.
S: Oh. Will that be your face-paint from now on?
K: No, Naruto did this with some girl’s lipstick.
S: Ok. Is that mistletoe?
K: You know how it works right..?
S: You-
[Well you know they’re smooching, right?]