the belief that porrim has slept with everyone except kankri makes me really happy because if you wanted to insert sexual tension between them it would be so easy

kankri’s inflexible vow versus porrim’s sexual liberty makes for such core opposition between them that although they are pale (one-sidedly?) they could just as easily be black for one another

they disagree so heavily on so many fundamental matters that it makes for endless antipathy

(kankri might even resent her, just a little)

porrim<>kankri commission for rflame135


Watching Karkat and Kanaya is like looking into a mirror that reflects your inner desires.  Their interactions are steeped in familiarity, and the way Karkat reacts to Kanaya’s touches makes your pumper ache for a similar bond with your own Vantas.  They make it look so easy, so effortless.

“Do you think they’re pale?" 

Your Vantas regards your dancestors with an arched brow and a dismissive sniff.

"Quite possibly.  Karkat appears to soften even if only marginally in her company.  Meenah’s told me she’s spied them on piles on two separate occasions.”

“Strange, isn’t it?  I wonder what circumstances brought them together.”  And why didn’t it happen with us?  The unspoken words scald your tongue as you stew in your unrequited feelings.

Kankri’s well aware of your pale crush, and though you wouldn’t dream of overstepping boundaries his insensitivity frequently engenders contention.

He seems proud of himself for being–in his words–literally the only one not to ever fall prey to your tireless omnidirectional solicitations as if that somehow puts him above everyone.  He also seems to delight in spurning you whenever he sees even a pinhole of an opening, and though you stand firm against him his verbal bites do hurt.

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2: Cheek Kiss
Smooch.  "Porrim stop it.“  SMOOCH.  "Porrim, stop it.”  Smooooooch.  "Porrim stop it right now!“  Kankri is in the heat of a controversial reblog war with some fellow bubblr users and he simply cannot be distracted.  He has a voice that needs to be heard, minds that need to be changed!  Porrim hanging over him assaulting him with kisses alternating between cheeks is not only unwelcome but deleterious to his concentration.

But they both know he’s too passive to do anything about it but moan and groan until finally he pushes back from his desk, whirls around in his chair and chastises her for so rudely disrupting him.

"Kanny, those people on the internet will always be there, and none of them have a hot moirail like you do.”  She plants a wet one on his cheek and he flails.

5: Firm Kiss
Sometimes they just can’t stand each other; he is a blowhard and she is a feminist and they constantly clash because Kankri cannot for the (non) life of him keep his mouth shut.

But sometimes these scuffles take a pitch turn and Kankri lands himself against the wall pinned by the voluptuous troll, their mouths locked, tongues roving.  They kiss like they debate, hard and impassioned–both with a point to prove.