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dirt-n99dles asked:

Could you perhaps do 2 or 9 with pale Dirkri for the fic thing?

  9:  Things you said when i was crying, pale Dirkri

  My dearest Dirk,

  Per P9rrims’s rather ann9ying suggesti9n, 9r rather, instructi9n, I have decided t9 write y9u a letter while y9u are away. 9r rather, write y9u a seri9us 9f letters and have y9u 9pen them when y9u feel y9u need t9. I can’t say I trust y9ur judgement, h9wever, s9 I have 9rganized the letters 6y what days I think y9u’ll need them 9n. This is y9ur first letter. (96vi9usly.) 

  I th9ught l9ng and hard a69ut what I sh9uld write. A st9ry, 9r a few 9f things y9u sh9uld attempt t9 av9id 9n y9ur visit t9 Japan? (That is h9w y9u spell it, isn’t it?) Perhaps a series 9f questi9ns and answers a69ut their culture and h9w t9 av9id 9ffending s9me9ne. I d9u6ted y9u’d read any 9f it, 9r perhaps y9u’d skim 9ver it s9 y9u c9uld seem like y9u read it when I questi9ned y9u. 

  S9, with all that in mind, I wr9te this in h9pes that y9u w9uldn’t just ign9re it as y9u tend t9 d9 t9 9ther 9f my serm9ns at times. I decided 9n a rec9unt 9f s9me 9f 9ur m9ments t9gether. This letter is dedicated t9 things that y9u said while I was crying. I have made a “handy dandy” 6ullet list f9r y9u. It is n9t a full list, 9f c9urse. I have n9ticed that I cry a 6it m9re then I th9ught I did. 

  • “Your tears look like blood.”
  • “She was just joking. Your pants look fine.”
  • “It’s just a finger. I fail to see the problem.”
  • Who stood you up?”
  •  “The capybara is fine, I promise.”
  • “I swear it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks.”
  • “These are not ‘kind of’ spicy Doritos.”

 I think that y9u will remem6er that the first time y9u saw me cry was 9ne y9u walked in 9n me in my r99m, curled up 9n my resting platf9rm. P9rrim had f9rced me int9 9ne 9f her 9utfits, using the l9west types 9f darkmail s9 that I had n9 ch9ice 6ut t9 wear a rather hide9us suit d9ne up in ir9n red, jade green, and vi9let purple. I still d9 n9t kn9w what she was trying t9 hint at with that 9utfit, 6ut, P9rrim will 6e P9rrim.

  Anyway, y9u f9und my n9rmal cl9thing and helped me t9 change int9 them, and curled up 9n the c9uch with me. We watched 9n 9f th9se sh9ws y9u like s9 much, and y9u t9ld me my tears l99k like 6l99d.

   I will always remem6er that as 9ne 9f my f9ndest mem9ries with y9u, especially 9f the earlier 9nes. Y9u feel asleep with me, 9n that c9uch. I remem6er the tear stains I left 9n it. It really d9es l99k like s9me9ne human 6led 9n it. 

  I w9uld make this l9nger, 6ut I d9u6t y9u’ll 6e reading the wh9le thing as it is. Y9u are a very 6usy pers9n, 9r I assume y9u will 6e. 

S9, have fun in Jepepe 9r whatever it’s called. I eagerly await the return 9f y9u and y9ur “c9llecti6les” which will n9 d9u6t c9nsist 9f 6ad sh9ws and 9ver priced merchandise that y9u c9uld pr96a6ly make f9r y9ur self if y9u wanted.

-Kankri Vantas

P.S. Please remem6er t9 6ring 6ack pictures s9 I can make a scrap 699k.

sanctumofinsanity asked:

Someone WAS in the warehouse. He'd been there for only a few minutes before Kankri closed and locked the door. But now that John had gone to his room, he could come right out. He saw Jake on the table and paid no mind. He walked out from a darker area of the room where not much light reached and said "Well hello again Kanny. Nice setup you've got going on here.".

Kankri jumped when the voice spoke out of nowhere. He got up and turned around, growling a little.
“Cronus, what did I tell you about setting foot near this place?” he hissed, balling his hands into fists.