The suns rose a few hours ago, and you’ve waited a little longer just to be safe. Then, shoving down your jitters and making sure the furrets stay put, you crawl out through the crack and climb down.

The clearing is empty and silent, of course. And there’s a new letter waiting for you. No traps, just paper, and it takes some squinting to read through it.

She knows Kankri Vantas?

She knows you know Kankri Vantas???

You scribble out a response and leave, clenching the note in your fist as you return hive.

II have nothiing good two 2ay about Kankri Vantas.

What the fuck ii2 your game.

Cronus x Kankri Script: Boundries

(Anyone may use this script for an audio as long as I am credited. Thank you!)

[Cronus is standing in a corner of their living room, trying to figure out how to light a cigarette. After a few moments of struggling he gets it lit]

Cronus: There vwe go, damn these things are annoying sometimes. (Inhaling sound) Ahh, at least it goes dovwn smooth…

[The front door opens, an angry and triggered Kankri steps through. Muttering under his breath. Before he says hello he notices the lit cigarette in Cronus hand]

Cronus: Hey Kankri! I'vwe been vwaiting for you to get-

[He is cut off by Kankri snatching the cigarette from his hand.]

Kankri: CRONUS! I have told you MANY times I do not approve of you smoking indoors. It is incredibly annoying to have to walk through the smoke from one of those things!

[Kankri walks towards the kitchen and puts out his cigarette in the sink]

Cronus: Geez sorry Kankri… I didn’t mean to get you mad. It vwas just a quick one.

[Cronus notices Kankri’s mood. Walking over to the sink he crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow]

Cronus: Are you okay? You seem a little… Heated there…

Kankri: No I am not fine. I just had a VERY unpleasant conversation with Porrim. She does not understand that I simply don’t like to be touched! Yet she poked my face! It was a very uncomfortable situation… I apologize Cronus… I am rambling again aren’t I?

[Cronus shrugs and gives Kankri a smile]

Cronus: Ah don’t vworry about it Kan! I mean I understand vwhy you vwould be upset, I knovw hovw you are vwith your boundries…

[Kankri sighs, continuing his story.]

Kankri: Well alright. Anyways, apparently I had something on my face and she tried to get it off… Even though I was fully capable of doing it myself. And she insisted…

[Midway through Kankri’s tangent, Cronus starts glancing at Kankri’s bum. A smile on his face as he thinks to himself]

(Thought of Cronus): Damn, he may get upset but his ass looks nice in those jeans today…

[Kankri notices that Cronus has lost attention and sighs]

Kankri: Cronus what on EARTH are you doing?

Cronus: Sorry Kan, I vwas listening to your story and i got… Distracted.

Kankri: (Sigh of annoyance) And what is distracting your attention?

Cronus: Vwell… Okay hear me out K. I knovw you havwe your boundries and all… But cutie… Can i touch the booty?

Kankri: Why on earth would you want to touch my rear Cronus?

Cronus: It looks smoking hot in those jeans! And I didn’t vwant to just do it vwithout asking first… Avww man novw i feel stupid I’m sorry-

[Gets cut off by Kankri]

Kankri: You may touch my butt Cronus.

Cronus: Vwait really?

Kankri: Yes but, no groping, and keep your hand flat.

Cronus: Uh okay, can I pat it?

Kankri: Yes, but only a few times.

[Cronus carefully follows Kankri’s boundries. Successfully touching the booty]

Kankri: Satisfied?

Cronus: That vwas avwesome Kankri! Thanks!

Kankri: Now that your distraction is out of the way may I finish my story?

Cronus: Yeah Yeah go ahead Kankri…

[Kankri finishes his story. Either fade out the audio or just end it after Cronus’s line. This part can be the VA’s choice of how they want his story to end or they can end it :)]

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've got about three requests for my main kin, Kankri Vantas, but I'm dividing them into three diferent asks to make it easier, I hope you don't mind! My first request is some art, since your's is really lovely! To be specific, I was a female, humanstuck Kankri; but I looked basically similar to canon. My hair was a light brown though, and my eyes were a kinda steel blue. I was also pretty chubby, and my sweater was purple with a black cat on it. My hair was short too, and messy - Kanny

just posted! i hope you like it - mod terezi

Chastity Now

It was strange now. Lying here with the horseman of Death, of all people, having him just cuddle you close, wrap you in a blanket. He was so nice, something that you honestly were not expecting. But perhaps nobody really was. For once, he was.. relaxing. He was melting in the grasp of Death, melting at the way his lips traced such delicate spots to make the virtue immediately calm down and think that everything was okay.

Chastity enjoyed this. A hard day of work, a rough week and a rough time with students, but he can come over to Death’s apartment and just.. lie down with him and know that everything will be okay. He didn’t have to hide anything from him, he didn’t have to walk on eggshells to hide who he was, to hide everything that was happening to him. He could unwind, he could be him, he could be.. Chastity. He didn’t have to be Kankri Vantas, the College Teacher for History that nobody liked going to his classes. He didn’t have to be Kankri Vantas, the man that is too kind and young to live alone. He didn’t have to be Kankri Vantas, the man that spends more time with his flowers than with people.

He could be Casitas.

He could be the Virtue of Chastity.

Although there was some.. complications with that. While Death had taken his virginity, had introduced him to the feeling of love that he had missed, albeit his.. order was a little messed up. Somehow, he had not fallen yet, despite being with Death in bed before being with him in love. But this was nice. He was in love, Death was saying small little ‘I love you’s and he was learning this side of Death that.. he never would have thought he’d see. He gets to learn about Death’s feelings, about the way that Death has been dealing with things, and Dea has been.. teaching him so many things. Not just sex wise, but to be more okay with people not knowing the entirety of his virtue. As long as he knew, that was all.. And perhaps that was what he needed to hear the most. Perhaps that was the moment that Chastity realized that “This was the one.. He was the one.”

Death says words that made the small virtue.. feel light headed, feel dizzy and feel.. light. Light as a feather, maybe even lighter. “We should spend more time together.” Chastity stares at him and he swears that his heart is thumbing so fast, like Thumper stamping at the ground when he was happy.. They were already mostly together unless they went to their own homes but.. there was something about the way he said it..

“… I would love that.” Usually, he’d have reservations. Usually, with anybody else, he would hesitate to say that he wants anything other than just romantic dates and his partner proving his love.. But here he was, learning just what it was like to want to be closer with someone, to be with them as much as possible and the burning that people feel when, even if you’re with that person you love, you’re not.. close enough. He wanted this. He wanted more with Death, and he wanted to be closer with the horseman. He wanted to love him.. To see him smile and be happy. He wanted to love Death more, despite the nagging fear in the back of his head that if he continued down this path, the chance of Falling would keep getting higher and higher..