A friend requested a fic based off an AU I have where Quinne used chucklevoodoos to make Kankri sleepwalk to go outside in the day and blind himself by staring into the sun. This fic takes place in the aftermath where some of his online friends, after several weeks of internet silence, decide to figure out where he lives and check on him.

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Positivity for a stressed/anxious Kankri please?

Hey Kankri, I know what it’s like to get stressed out and anxious. Life can be really hard and it can take a toll on you. Always remember that despite the fact that you are stressed now, tomorrow is always a new day and you can always move on from the anxiety and you can get better. In the mean time, make sure to take care of yourself: go on walks, drink plenty of water, make sure to shower and have proper hygiene, and try to get a good night’s sleep even if that’s hard to do sometimes. Stay strong, Kankri!

-Mod Mituna

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[house/room asks]

I’m gonna go ahead and give you two versions of this, because I can, and because I personally think Kankri would react very differently to a culling home than to living independently:

In the canon timeline, Kankri’s hive is large and surrounded by the pastel Beforan equivalent of a white picket fence, and isn’t his. It’s got not a thing in his color, and his closet’s full of clothes with someone else’s sign. Once he turns five or so and figures out how much of it is wrong there are constantly papers he’s written and articles he’s printed spread oh-so-sloppily over every surface, as though one day his custodian will read them. There is never a single piece of laundry left on the floor long enough for someone to pick up after him, there are leftovers wrapped up and tucked away neatly in a designated desk drawer just so he can stick out his tongue and skip coming down for dinner, and his poor abused husktop’s desperate little fan fills his respiteblock with constant white noise.

He doesn’t get his hands on many books, but he has a bookshelf anyway, and it’s filled from top to bottom with articles he’s printed up, annotated, and stacked there in an organizational pattern no one else on Beforus would manage to sort out. They’re never left alone long enough to collect dust. Once, he apparently got some kind of participation trophy - a cullee youth event, maybe? - and it’s now laid on its side as a paperweight.

In humanstuck, once he moves out, his apartment is small and sparsely decorated - by sparsely, I mean that his high school diploma is framed and hung, and the rest of that wall is bare. Dishes are perpetually in the sink, coffee is perpetually burning in the bottom of a pot that’s been left brewing for three days, and there’s a bulletin board taking up most of one wall covered in papers, and pins, and yarn to link together his latest attempt to study, dissect, and fix the entire human race. There are cleaner blankets on the couch than on the bed, neither set tucked in or folded.

The bottom layer of the junk drawer is taken up by letters and card’s he’s received over the years, including a couple report cards or nice notes from professors. There is a tiiiiiiny television in the front room, and a long, low wooden bookshelf along the wall next to it featuring The Classics (all other novels are tucked away in his bedroom), textbooks that are spitting up sticky notes and splitting at the spines, and an extensive VHS collection of Friends.

So yeah. Kankri hates his sweater. Meenah thinks it’s ugly.
With few other context clues I’m inclined to think only Porrim actually likes the sweater that she herself made for Kankri and no one else thinks the sweater looks good. So she’s not only making him wear something he hates, she’s also making him wear something no one else likes.

homestuck the movvie

i wwill tell ya all that i wwant there to be a homestuck livve action movvie wwhere the actors share the same zodiac sign as the troll theyre playin and that it wwill recreate the comic Wwwith real life people and cool effects and i wwant there to be a fuckin salamander named casey and i wwant wwaywward vvagabond and fuckin nicolas cage rufio and fuckin andreww hussie

ill be eridan ampora and thats settled noww


what i know about homeshit part 2

part 1 

so many fuckin characters tumblr couldn’t fit it all in one post


its cosplay repair and count day at the muns house!. agg so many! and some are still in bags!!!

currently out i have 

QT sans, john eggbert, steampunk, my kimono, twilight link, OOT link, bucket, KIDD!, and half of terezi pyrope (dragoncape in closet and scalemates are at my other house )

thankfully my nan grabbed some pile for me when she was shopping so I can finish Q!

i still need to get out and check/finish: karlat vantas, kankri vantas, grell sutclif (or however you spell it), wendys, and a few others ocs whom i never mention so they aren’t important. oh! and kc, my sona

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yo!!! i'm (Human Punk Homestuck canon) latula pyrope, lookin specifically for pormary (Porrim Maryam), kankles (Kankri Vantas) and tuna (Mituna Captor)! if you're kin w/ any of these three (or even anyone but terezi tbh) hmu @decaffeinatedkin ! thaaaaaaaanks! (I am 21, and am a bit uncomfortable interacting with minors when it comes to the specified characters, but others are free to approach.)