kankri turtleneck


Homestuck cosplay stuffs for sale:

(Pardon the wrinkly everything, I’m far too lazy to iron it right now. Will be ironed with shipped!)


  • All t-shirts are $8 (size M) (White John shirt Size L)
  • Latula $10
  • Kankri turtleneck (S/M) $8
  • Terezi Horns $15


Dirk Batman belt SOLD
Dark Green Mind Knight Hood $5  SOLD
God tier Damara (Witch of Time) $35 SOLD
*socks not pictured, will be included SOLD
Damara default $15 SOLD
God Tier Dirk (Prince of Heart) $10 SOLD
Feferi Glasses $5 SOLD
Meenah Bangles $10 SOLD
Meenah Braids $5 SOLD
Mindfang’s Journal SOLD

Message me if you have any questions. PAYPAL ONLY. US preferred.