kankers sisters

Best Edd Moment #13

I love Edd’s playful, revenge side in a Twist of Ed. He comes up with the plan to torment the Kankers.

This is total evidence that he has a dark side and is not afraid to show it.

Up until now Edd has changed himself into a sophisticated adult. Edd has a kid trapped inside. He likes being playful such as how we saw him in the first two seasons.

This episode may feel out of character to some, but this is who Edd is. He is unpredictable. Someone recently analyzed that we really don’t know who the real Edd is because he has shown a plethora of different masks.

What we know is that his mind is messed up, he likes to be playful and he is smart beyond his years. He wants people to look more into him to see a struggling kid.