kanker brothers


Here’s the soundtrack to the final scene of Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy’s Big Picture Show, starting when Eddy’s goes up to his brother’s door.

Each of the Eds has their own leitmotif in the show’s score. Ed is represented by a trombone, Edd a clarinet, and Eddy a bass. 

You can hear Eddy’s motif clearly at 0:59, 1:10, and 2:10. 

You can hear Edd’s briefly at 0:32 (when Marie has him pinned against a wall), 2:15 (when he tries to introduce himself to Eddy’s brother), and 4:01 (“Mr Eddy’s Brother!”). 

Ed’s is only heard on its own once at 2:05 (“I smell my fingers after I eat cheese!”) 

Sarah also has her own leitmotif in the form of a piano, which you can hear when she enters the scene at 0:40.

The Kankers’ have their own distinctive theme which starts up at 0:04 and 0:27. A major key version of their theme starts at 6:10 (“What a dead-beat this guy turned out to be!”)

Finally, Eddy’s brother seems to be represented by an electric guitar, the first ever in the show’s jazz-inspired soundtrack. That motif starts up in earnest at 3:36.

“The Friendship Song” starts at 7:08.

The art room looks so cool! Look at all the neat little art projects hanging from the walls of ceiling. I like how ‘Art’ is spelled backwards on the door. I know it’s not actually spelled backward, but it has a nice effect. Art class was my favorite class of the day. 

The characters are all doing something productive. Notice that they’ll slack off or struggle trying to understand the task when they’re in their other classes? In art you’re free to do what you like 

Why couldn’t there have been more scenes that took place in the art room? The kids express their different ways of creativity. That way we could have explored more of the character’s minds. 

The Kanker’s and the Ed’s sit straight across from one another at different tables. I’ve noticed that the Kanker’s and Ed’s have the same classes together. The Ed’s don’t fear when they’re in the same room together. As much as the school faculty don’t help the kids in their situations they keep a close watch on what happens in the classrooms. 

And Jonny is in the middle working on his own little project. Jonny also gave Plank a piece of paper. Jonny is painting. I like how he got it all over his head. I remember doing that when I was a little kid. 

Ed and Eddy are busy working on a little project/scam of their own.

Ed made a $1 bill with Eddy’s face crafted in the middle. Wow, Ed is really good at any type of art. I head canon that he’ll grow up to have a job in the field of art. He likes to express himself. It’s the only way he knows how seeing how nobody will listen or pay attention to him. 

Ed tells Eddy that he owes him a buck to which Eddy doesn’t mind at all.

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