usducktape  asked:

Kanji Tatsumi


OTP: Kanji/Naoto is the most adorable pairing on the planet.  It is mandated by the Geneva Convention that if you disagree, I must excommunicate you.

the previous sentence doesn’t actually make any sense but the point is, I ship it really hard.

BroTP: Kanji/Yosuke.  Someday Yosuke is going to stop being a little shit to Kanji and then he’s going to have to program Kanji’s stuffed animal website. It’s … very elaborate. And pink.  Mostly pink.  Yosuke doesn’t want to be credited for it because it’s just that pink.

this headcanon brought to you by thelastdogfighter.

OT3: since I ship Kanji/Naoto so hard I haven’t thought about it too much.  But since this is a Persona game, you can throw the protagonist into any pairing at all and make it an OT3.  So Kanji/Kimpachi Ramasama/Naoto. It’s hott.

NoTP: … Kanji is probably the most even-keeled and well-rounded of the main group by the time his social link is completed, so I think he’d get along well with everyone!  Kanji/Teddie is a little creepy though.  Kanji is too obsessed with that fur. :V