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Idk why I haven’t posted it yet since it’s been done for a while, but here’s my picture for a bnha fan project! I chose the movie theme, so I did something based on a poster for Train to Busan!

Kanji a Day is ending.

It’s time for me to leave.

Kanji a Day started as a way to help me learn kanji, as part of my effort to learn Japanese. It was a personal project; I never expected it to get more than a dozen followers, much less the 11,000+ of you who are here today.

But I haven’t actually learned any new kanji for a while now, and Kanji a Day has become less a labor of love and more a chore. Composing posts takes little time but I still struggle to fit it into my day, and more than once I’ve found myself resenting the time I have to take to post a new kanji and look up the right “Classic” kanji.

After more than three years and 1,126 kanji, I need to move on. 

I hope I’ve helped you learn Japanese, and that your learning continues long after Kanji a Day succumbs to bit rot. Take care and be well.

Someday, when I’m feeling better about things, I might start this up again, so instead of さよなら, I’ll just say:


anonymous asked:

which workbooks do you recommend for N5, N4 and N3 to learn? Like grammatic, kanji, vocab, ... your new workbook looks good but i don't think i'm this level. Thank you! Have a nice day :) 頑張ってください

If you’re using Genki I or II then the workbooks that go along with them are really useful and I highly recommend them. The answers are sold separately though :/

I used Nihongo Challenge for studying for N4 (I never took N5, but Nihongo Challenge covers N4 and N5). I liked it, but the whole set will set you back quite a bit of money, because there are 3 books (vocabulary, kanji and grammar/reading). I found there wasn’t much choice for N5 or N4 level. There are just a lot of JLPT practise test books, but I wanted output exercises where I had to formulate my own sentences using the grammar to improve. If anyone knows of any alternatives please reblog and share!

For N3 I used Try!N3, which I really liked, as my main text. There were problems set into the text and it wasn’t a JLPT mock test book. A lot of people use Sou Matome, though I think these are better for pre-test review than for studying and learning, as you’re not really formulating your own sentences, as you would in a workbook, but training to answer multiple choice questions like on the JLPT.

I know Tobira and An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese both have workbooks. Tobira has both a kanji book and a separate grammar book and seems really solid and is quite popular. If you like Genki, then An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese may work well for you.

If you’re after pure JLPT practise and want to train just for the test itself rather than focus on output, as you would in a workbook then there are a ton of drilling and test practise books, of which I think the Kanzen Master series is by far the best (even though it’s the most challenging). Kanzen Master has no N5 books, one N4 book and a full series of books from N3 level and up.

Any other workbook suggestions? I mean ones where you write down sentences to answer questions, rather than train for the test or everything is multiple choice?