kanji x rise

  • Rise, recovering from an injury: What happened?
  • Naoto, smiling: We can tell you all about it while you get something to eat. Are you able to walk?
  • Rise: Wait, talking? Eating? Are you asking me out on a date?
  • Kanji: Yep, she's okay, classic Rise.

A Pleasant Surprise

Rise sends pictures of Naoto to Kanji, especially that time when she drag her to that one photoshoot. He’s very happy about it, another addition to his ’Wall of Naoto’. 

  • Rise: You’re pregnant.
  • Naoto: Oh man, Yukiko told you?
  • Rise: Nope. You’re drinking decaf coffee, which you usually only do in the afternoon, you’re wearing an empire-waist dress and loose shoes ‘cause your feet are already swelling. I’d put you at nine, maybe ten weeks.
  • Kanji: Jeez, you’re observant.
  • Rise: Yes, I am. Yes, I am. By the way, when did you make the switch to boxer briefs?
  • Kanji: Yesterday...