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Kougi’s April Fool’s drawing
Source: @kougiw
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T/N: so I think that panel is supposed to be Riko reaching into her big front pocket and pulling out an envelope, like Doraemon’s 4D pocket. And the only reason I think this is because Kougi is a pretty big Doraemon fan. 


Wanted to upload something so did a short video.

anonymous asked:

to be honest i'm just very bad at requests (i don't wanna bother you). i was also curious since i've only ever seen Viktor being delirious in his native language. i'd love if you could draw it but you don't have to (sorry i'm so awkward) ~ graceless-fever

22. delirious/crying because they’re feverish


I was curious enough about what was going on those 4 spoiler pages to try translate them best I could (with what little knowledge I have) so my attempts made at 6 AM is under the cut for spoilers

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Prince Night ~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (Full lyrics)


どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

マヂでGet you 視線が合う
全部 忘れさせるほど

乱れ飛ぶレーザービーム 皆騒いで狂喜乱舞 Hustle
キミと朝までrendezvous あっそう

想定外 恋の BPM ミダレて
「その自意識だけで お腹いっぱい」

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が
ずっと 加速し続けるよ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

100パー Want you 混みあってる

恋なんて幼稚なゲーム スコアレスで常時完封 ちょーCool!
振り回されてwithout you 撤収!

ヒリヒリする 恋に 熱くなってく

「ドン引きする くらい こっちは冷めてく」

Dance with me ありのままに
Just tell me 求めてみな
Dance with me 今夜ふたり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)で

まだまだ 夜は終わらない
Don’t stop Don’t stop 朝が来たって
2人きりで 逃がせばいい

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が

踏み越えたいBorderline もっと深くキミを知りたい
ハメを外すくらい 本気にさせてみてよtonight

Dance Dance 恋を止めないで
ずっと 踊っていたいのさ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS


Doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

maji de Get you shisen ga au
sono shunkan
ima made shi te ki ta koi o
zenbu wasure saseru hodo

midaretobu rēzā bīmu mina sawai de kyōki ranbu Hustle
purinsu tachi to ason ja u?
kimi to asa made rendezvous assō

sōtei gai koi no BPM midare te
‘sono jiishiki dake de onaka ippai’

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu koto ni wa
funare na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o mitsumeru hodo
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
zutto kasoku shitsuzukeru yo

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

100 pā Want you komiatteru
furoa no naka
kimi dake supottoraito
abi ta yō ni kagayaku

koi nante yōchi na gēmu sukoa resu de jōji kanpū cho ? Cool!
dakara kimi tte supesharu
furimawasare te without you tesshū!

hirihiri suru koi ni atsuku natte ku

‘don hiki suru kurai kocchi wa same te ku’

Dance with me arinomama ni
Just tell me motome te mina
seigyo ya gaman wa
kirai na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me konya futari
toki o tome te shimao u
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

madamada yoru wa owara nai
Don’t stop Don’t stop asa ga ki ta tte
2 nin kiri de nigase ba ii

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu shika nai
kanjō oshie te kure
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o dakishime tara
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
eien ni nariyama nai yo

fumikoe tai Borderline motto fukaku kimi o shiri tai
hame o hazusu kurai honki ni sase te mi te yo tonight

Dance Dance koi o tome nai de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

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emeraldinkling  asked:

Out of the ones you'll be translating will you be doing the Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu stretching skit by chance? Or is it secret which ones you'll be doing?

Hehe it’s a secret, of course~ 👀

But more seriously, this one won’t be the one i’ll be translating in the first CD of the series. If you want a basic summary, though, here it is:

Osomatsu-san Nandemonai Kanji drama CD1 - the “massage” track:

• Jūshimatsu is learning by himself Shogi’s rules.

• Osomatsu barges in & asks for a massage from our goofball who’s happy about that, mishearing first “Shogi” instead (i feel like he was so concentrated on learning Shogi’s rules he just-… well he’s excited in playing it again! 😂 But enough of derailing from there)

• Osomatsu is on his belly, Jūshimatsu asking if he wants him to massage his back. He does it, Osomatsu feels good & asks for more strength put into it…

• … to the point it alarms Jūshimatsu, increasing it more and more to Osomatsu’s pleading. (”Jūshimatsu… STOP IT…!” “WE STOP?!” “N-NO, DON’T STOP!” “WHICH IS IT?!” “PLEASE CONTINUE… MORE! Because it feels good…!!) Until you could hear something crack (like a bone).

• Jūshimatsu is worried but it was for a short while, Osomatsu faking his death from his little brother’s hands, finding that amusing to worry him (like a little joke, you know?). But like you’d imagine, the boy isn’t pleased at all and doesn’t want to continue massaging him.

• Osomatsu wants more and asks until Jūshimatsu ceases to pout (it was adorable ♥). Though, he is still afraid of killing his big brother who promises he won’t do it again.

• They continue their little thing but Osomatsu is literally crying painfully Jūshimatsu’s name… and then you hear a cracking sound like before.

• Jūshimatsu suspects it’s another bad joke & doesn’t buy it so he’s just a bit upset and asks for Osomatsu to stop but… he doesn’t respond. At all.

• Then, Choromatsu enters the room and asks what all this fuss is all about and… yes Jūshimatsu doesn’t want him to see Osomatsu dead so he answers quickly Choromatsu’s worried interrogations and succeeds in making him leave.

• Osomatsu who’s not dead like you would all expect laughs, amused by the little scene that just happened. Though he assures his little brother he’s fine (”Look, Jūshimatsu! ‘m fine, ‘m fine!”)…

• … but this time… Jūshimatsu is NOT pleased and will kill their eldest with all his strenght (just like he did with Ichimatsu in that one mini-skit in the Edo period skit), punishing him for worrying him like that.

• This time, Osomatsu’s actually dead and Jūshimatsu let him be like that, attracting Choromatsu’s attention who’s a bit pissed by all the fuss again. Though he sees now a devasted room and… the corpse of his big brother.

• “O-Osomatsu-niisan?! … he’s dead.”

I hope it was a good summary for you and that you understood a bit more this track, @emeraldinkling! ✨

━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Update news regarding this drama CD especially the synopsis of its tokuten CD (that got me bamboozled);

Stellaworth Tokuten [End of Love]

[I was born to love you… Now and from now on] An after story with a warm happy ending.

Animate Tokuten [End of Madness]

[To continue loving you while regretting my sins in this place. I was born for that…] An after story with a very bad ending.

( ꒪Д꒪) I suppose I’ll be buying from Animate Online for this one. Hopefully I don’t regret with my choice for a bad yandere ending.


OLDCODEX 30 Days Challenge
Day 5 - First song that you learned: Script (スクリプト)

You wanna have a good time won’t you come in
Wanna have a good day don’t you want it