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(ʘ‿ʘ✿) Sorry for all the Bokuroo spam…

I have no idea what i did with the coloration there. I redid it so many times and then just half-assed it. ʅ(ʘ ヮʘ✿)ʃ  *shrugs* I still struggle with Kuroo.. why is he so hard to draw?

I hope you had a nice weekend.
Just like mine…….

‘So .. we’re done reading?’


Persona 4 Dancing All Night is getting intense

Dear sofiagirl121,


What… Argh, Chie, what is wrong with you!? That wasn’t the move our leader asked you to do! C'mon, you can’t rely on your Main Persona all the time!!

Y-Yes, I can! This is a free country… Alternate Dimension… Whatever!!

Guys, I already told you, the enemy is weak to Fire!! Could somebody please stick to the plan already!? I think Fuuka-chan is going to cry over here!! We’re going to be the laughing stock of the Gekkoukan Group at this rate!!

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So this is what happens after a vampire infiltrates the school, it’s killed and Yuu is taken to the infirmary (episode 2 of the first season).

I really wonder why is everyone so loyal to Guren, I mean… he’s trash(?). And yep, haven’t read the novels yet so don’t spoil me please lol.

Let’s toast to Goshi, the only one who is not Guren’s fangirl here (he’s his fanboy tho)