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Heyy pstt Anymore head canons for the first years as a third years for karasuno bc that'd be gr8 Only if you wanna that is

hiii! sorry i don’t really have any right now but these are just a few that i came up with at the top of my head

  • hinata never had to worry about scary bathroom encounters at matches anymore
  • once in their second year, kags went along with hinata on one of the bathroom trips and he almost started a fight with another school (they said karasuno was useless if kags had went to another school)
  • so now all 5 of them go on these trips together with yachi and yams as damage control (they pulled tsukki along because their tol moon can intimidate anyone with a look)
  • when they are third years, nobody dared to approach them to talk shit about karasuno anymore
  • and these trips are mostly trash talking between the other third years from rival schools (especially seijou and date tech)
  • we can all agree that tsukki will be the king of trash talking (like the trash that he is)
  • kags is pretty decent himself and together with tsukki, they annihilate the others (more specifically kindaichi and koganegawa)
  • sakunami, yams, and yachi silently suffers through
  • hinata tried to join in once but stopped after he messing up a simple line 
  • it was supposed to be “our quicks are so fast that your slow minds can’t catch up” and he ended up saying “our quicks are so than your slow”
  • tsukki and kags never let him live it down
  • so now he just sulks in a corner and pouts when it happens
  • and kunimi just hates them all for doing this before every single match 
  • he just wants to pee in peace for once

again, these aren’t great but i hope you like them!!

i am planning on posting on the third year first years in a while that are more specific (like their appearances, positions, traditions etc) so do look out for them!

gosh i sound like one of those youtubers 

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would you do a headcanon of the rfa members and V (if you do write about him if not i understand) ^^ finding out mc is addicted to otome games

I feel personally attacked because I have a bunch of otome games and I nearly was grounded because I kept buying stories and my mom hated the amount of money i was spending. And yes I write for V! also if anybody gets where each otome character is from I will love you ~Madre Mod


  • Jealous baby
  • “Mc pay attention to meeee~”
  • “Sorry yousung but my baby Kanji Okumiya needs my attention right now.” 
  • he is concerned when you end up sitting in a corner surrounded by a bunch of chips and various bottles.
  • also how much money you were spending is an issue too
  • he took your phone and  demanded to be the only boy you love


  • Why????? I’m right here????
  • zen is a confused man
  • why are you fangirling over a fictional character
  • “I bet I can out prince him, and win the fair maidens heart!”
  • He stomps out and goes to jumin for help
  • he nearly regrets going
  • he comes back in a prince outfit
  • and a limo, which he took you in and rode around places
  • beauty and the pj potato
  • you stopped playing otome games when he was around
  • but you did play them secretly ;)


  • 10/10 he found out because he kept seeing that something was charged on his credit card but he has no memory of buying something for $2
  • he called you out on it
  • but you were too busy playing an otome game
  • “Mc are you using my credit card to buy something?”
  • “I needed money to buy season 1,2, and 3 of Izumi Takasaki’s main story. So yes I used your credit card.”
  • “???? who????”
  • You had to sit jumin down and explain the ways of otome games
  • he took this as a challenge since you talked to highly about Izumi
  • “I should be the only person you talk highly about Mc.”
  • expect lots of jealousy kisses from Jumin
  • and a lil somethin else to remind you who you are dating ;))))


  • tbh I think she would have two otome games for when shes bored
  • is genuinely happy to find out that you have some also
  • asks you many questions on whos your favorite and whats your favorite game
  • you tell her that she kinda reminds you of Kaiji Akizuki.
  • mostly because they both do judo
  • and you admire her a bunch
  • like how she can manage to do a lot of multi-tasking
  • shes a bit happy
  • but also helps you maintain a good habit with the games so you dont spend a bunch of money on them in one day.


  • He already knew
  • he totally didn’t hack your phone to see why you kept staring at your phone and throwing it away (not far like ten inches) from you
  • he saw the otome games
  • he is interested in them
  • to surprise you he dresses up as one of your favorite otome boy(he hopes cause you have tons of pictures of this one guy for some reason) Rui Wakaba
  • He just bursts into your room in said costume and you scream
  • “Mc are you ok??”
  • “I..you….rui….seven??..” You fainted
  • Seven fit the role of Rui Wakaba almost perfectly
  • and you have your very own


  • He is confused when he hears you screaming one day
  • he thinks your in danger so he rushes to your shared room ready to fight
  • but instead he barely sees you on the bed holding your phone close to your chest
  • “Are you ok MC???”
  • “Rihito Hatsune was adorable as a kid!!!!!!”
  • V was confused for a while
  • you had to explain it to him
  • he understood after a good ten minutes
  • “Does it help you with something?”
  • “it makes me smile a whole lot when I feel down.”
  • Happy cuddling with V
  • Sometimes V will catch you smiling at the game and he takes pictures of it cause good god your smile is so gosh darn beautiful

Tied Together: Emperor and his Fortune

Yosuke tied their neckties because they won’t shut up. They must stay tied together for an hour or the rest of their lives.

Both of you ARE illegal! [x]

Illegal Naoto [x]

Illegal Kanji [x]