from Kanjanism main MC

*teasing Yoko* Maru: Say something good (for the fans).

Ohkura: Say something good!

Yoko: Like I could say something just from you ordering me to “say something good”!! I get nervous!!

Maru: You are always like this… Behaving like a pigeon (afraid of people)!

*come closer* Yoko: WHO IS A PIGEON?

Ohkura: The pigeon is coming closer! 

Ohkura back away with Maru to protect him from pigeon-Yoko

Yoko: Coo coo coo!!

Subaru: Is Hatoto!! (Pigeonon)

Yasu: Hatoto Yuu?

Maru: Hato Yuu?

Subaru: It is a white pigeon!

Ohkura: Wah~ You are one of the beautiful ones!

Maru: The dove the people throw at weddings!!