Kanja: The Tide

Story/Verse: The Forest

Name: Kanja (pronounced ‘KHAN jah’ and means ‘water-born’ in Sanskrit)
Nationality: N/A (if he had one he’d be a Kiwi)

About: Kanja is the tide given life, a human representation of it as the other occupants of The Forest (like Dryas and Chronos) are personifications of other elements and aspects of nature. As such he spends much of his time hanging around on beaches and taking care of his watery duties.

Notes: The characters who occupy The Forest are Amery’s OCs, their world doesn’t exist except in Ams’ head… or it didn’t until very recently.

Doll details

Sculpt: Old (pre-2010) Tan Migidoll Ryu on a Sunlight Volks SD13 long legged body
Faceup: Bread17 (DoA)

Eyes: 14mm EDs (custom colour)
Wig: By me (Ginger Knots)


「Learn Japanese」 Need-to-Know Vocabulary to Watch One Piece #758 without Subtitles!

Take part in our #WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitles challenge by memorizing the standout vocabulary terms we’ve personally dissected from the full episode of an anime series and assembled here! After you feel like you’ve committed the words to memory, watch (or re-watch) the given episode and test your knowledge by seeing if you can pinpoint the words when they’re said and can understand how they’re being used! We’ve even included the actual sentences from the episode in which they’re used! 頑張ろう!


Vocabulary List:

患者(かんじゃ/kanja) - ‘patient’
気に掛ける(きにかける/kinikakeru) - 'to weigh on one’s mind, to trouble one’s heart, to be concerned about, to worry about’
出向く(でむく/demuku) - 'to go to, to proceed to, to leave for’
乱心(らんしん/ranshin) - 'mental derangement, going mad’
千尋の谷(せんじんのたに/senjinnotani) - 'bottomless ravine, abyss’
砂糖(さとう/satō) - 'sugar’
蜂蜜(はちみつ/hachimitsu) - 'honey’
塩気(しおけ/shioke) - 'saltiness’
喉笛(のどぶえ/nodobue) - 'windpipe’
厳しい(きびしい/kibishii) - 'severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless’
暑苦しい(あつくるしい/atsukurushii) - 'sultry, sweltering’
船長(せんちょう/senchō) - 'ship’s captain’
相当(そうとう/sōtō) - 'befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable’
無礼(ぶれい/burei) - 'impolite, rude’
敗者(はいしゃ/haisha) - 'the defeated, vanquished, loser’
優勢(ゆうせい/yūsei) - 'superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance’
命取り(いのちとり/inochitori) - 'fatal, deadly, mortal’
正式(せいしき/seishiki) - 'due form, official, formality’
神聖(しんせい /shinsei) - 'holiness, sacredness, dignity’
同等(どうとう/dōtō) - 'equality, equal, same rights, same rank, equivalence’
顔を合わせる(かおをあわせる/kaooawaseru) - 'to meet, to face someone’
互角(ごかく/gokaku) - 'equality, evenness, par, good match’
分割(ぶんかつ/bunkatsu) - 'partition, division, separation, segmenting, splitting’
昼夜逆転(ちゅうやぎゃくてん/chūyagyakuten) - 'one’s days and nights being reversed’
影響(えいきょう/eikyō) - 'influence, effect’
夜行性(やこうせい/yakōsei) - 'nocturnality, nocturnal habits’
風習(ふうしゅう/fūshū) - 'custom’
奪取(だっしゅ/dasshu) - 'usurpation, taking back, dispossession’
奇妙(きみょう/kimyō) - 'strange, queer, curious’
身軽(みがる/migaru) - 'agile, nimble, light (of foot)’
誘導(ゆうどう/yūdō) - 'guidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement’
防衛戦(ぼうえいせん/bōeisen) - 'defensive battle’
繰り広げる(くりひろげる/kurihirogeru) - 'to unfold, to unroll, to open’
夕闇(ゆうやみ/yūyami) - 'dusk, twilight’
狂う(くるう/kuruu) - 'to go mad’
雄叫び(おたけび/otakebi) - 'war cry, roar’

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Guide to the pronunciation of Japanese

Short Vowels

a = as in father/alms

e = as in pen/red

i = as in ink/machine

u = as in true/cruel

Vowel Combinations

ei = e + i = sounds as in day

ai = a + i = sounds as in alive

ou = o + u = sounds as in float

au = a + u = sounds as in out

Long Vowels

o =  in hato (pigeon), as in oil

o = in tótó (at last) as in torch

**An n occurring before b, m, and p changes to an m**

ch as in child

sh as in shine

ts as in cats

**r is pronounced with the tip of the tongue, somewhere between l and r, and never rolled**


‘Get up, come on!’

'Kanja, come on, it’s time!’

'Come on, come on, quick!’

'Hnng?’ Kanja opened a bleary eye and was greeted with a torch being shone in his face. Holding up a hand to shield his eyes, Kanja groggily managed to mumble, 'Wasappenin?’

Amongst the various people in the dorm clamouring quietly, some of whom were calling his name, Kanja was able to focus in on a Varr woman next to his bed, the one responsible for the light that was currently blinding him. Krikka.

'Come on, get up, newbie,’ Krikka grinned, her pointed teeth showing in her smile. 'Initiation time!’

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