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Idk if you're still makin vocaloid playlists but what are some of ur fav oldies but goodies (I'm talkin like world is mine era, the stuff that's like 10 years old)

get ready for a really long emotional journey


and although it’s not a Vocaloid original…the Nanameue-P All Stars HONEY 3D PV! (original by Cyndi Wang.)

all songs in this playlist date back to 2007-2009, uploaded within the first 3 years of Hatsune Miku’s release.
(8 to 10 years ago. yes, it’s been that long! feel old yet?)

i tried to link to as many original (fanmade, whether that be hand-drawn animation or computer-animated…but not SEGA’s official Project DIVA game PVs).
also, unfortunately many of these songs in their original forms are now unavailable due to record labeling, claiming copyright on many of the songs’ original audio and have been taken off of the internet. for those songs i have linked the original audio and the original PV(s) separately.
additionally, not all of these songs are English-subbed. if you want an English translation of a song, you’ll have to look for it yourself.

anyway, the classics! a blast from the past! let’s hear it for the V2′s!! (V3 was launched in 2011!)
happy listening!

1. Donut Hole by hachi
3. Kagerou Daze by Jin
4. Two Breaths Walking by DECO*27
5. Bacterial Contamination by Kanimiso-P
6. Unhappy Refrain by wowaka
7. ROLLING GIRL by wowaka
8. Matryoshka by hachi
9. Envy Catwalk by Tohma
10. Tokyo Teddybear by Neru
11. Doppelganger by KulfiQ
12. Tengaku by Yuuyu-P
13. Two-Dimensional Dream Fever by Polyphonic Branch
14. The World is Mine by ryo

So I just realized that I never posted this haha. I posted the individual images a while back, though! A friend of mine organizes a project every so often where students from our school compile a mix and create album art for it, so this time I compiled a Vocaloid mix and made a cover for it! You can check out the other art/mixes here.

Watch on vocaloid-song-a-day.tumblr.com

Name: Bacterial Contamination

Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune

Producer: Kanimiso-P

Nico Upload Date: Feb 3, 2012