Bushrangers Cave

Mt. Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia

A beautifully shaped cave entrance with views over the Kanimbla valley located in Mt. Victoria, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I can’t believe I have never found this place up till now, its such a photogenic location. It was a nice surprise to see the Gary P Hayes Photography Gallery right at the start of where the walk begins. I dropped in to say hello and we had a great chat. Thanks for the directions to the cave ;)

There are two levels in the cave and a conveniently placed chair to climb up. I wish I had a photo of the crazy position I got myself into to frame this shot. It certainly wouldn’t meet any OH&S standards that’s for sure. I wanted to get right up close to the crack in the rock about 10 foot off the cave floor. It makes for a nice leading line drawing your eye through the image and out into the view of the valley.

I just love the teardrop shape to the cave entrance. There is some crazy dynamic range in this shot, I had to shoot 5 exposures and blend them just to get all the detail of the cave as well as the valley. I have been dying to share this one, but been too busy with other projects. I hope you enjoy!



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