kaniehti io ziio

Haytham and Ziio having a lovey-dovey moment. 

I started a new game of Assassin’s Creed 3, completed the third sequence, and then had a lot of feels… :( Not sure if I’ll keep playing cuz it gets depressing and frustrating lol.

I almost never draw couples as you can probably tell. Had a lot of trouble on the hand-holding. My friend jolls helped me out with that.Thanks dude! (woohoo~)


- Connor visits the graves of his mother and father.

In this alternate “scene”, both Ziio and Haytham are buried in the Frontier.

Happy (late) Birthday, Grandmaster Templar.

Note: The bits containing Connor’s Epilogue speech was taken from here: http://allsoundsasscreed.tumblr.com/characters - all credit goes to the person running the site, not me, I just used the audio for fun. 


❝ If I sought to dissuade you, it was because you knew nothing! If I was reluctant to contribute, it was because you were naive. A thousand times you would have died and taken God knows how many with you. ❞