Magic New Tracks
  • Magic: mv is about SJ members meeting beautiful girls in different situation. Because of SJ performance it draws a positive and upbeat atmosphere
  • Sarang♥︎: is an impressive duet of Heechul and Leeteuk about confessions of love, of giving and receiving love
  • 놈,놈,놈(You Go It): is a parody from a movie of the same name, sung by Eunhyuk, Heechul, Leeteuk, Donghae and Yesung, we can feel SJ's charms. Hyuk is the smart dude,Heechul is the strange dude and Leeteuk is the special dude. Along with the harmonization of Donghae and Yesung's voice
  • cr kanginnim , teukables

Heechul got a 3 months old Shiba Inu puppy that he didn’t name yet.

Heechul said that Heebum is uninterested in the dog and Cherry is curious about it ^^

The names Heechul said he’s thinking about for his dog:

• 조르 (Joreu)

• 쓰뚜 (Sseuddu)

• 타로 (Taro)

• 기복 (Kibok)

• 귀탱 (Gwiteng)

Cr: kanginnim



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@ajol_llama: Oreos & Watermelon.
#llamalocker #sockgamestrong #oreo4s
@henryl89: can u buy me a pair?
@henryl89: hey answer
@henryl89: why r u ignoring me?
@henryl89: 야 멍청이

@ajol_llama: 강인오빠 보고 있나요? ㅋㅋ 볼찬 어서 와!ㅋㅋ
We dont need Kangin lol we just gotta get Gongchan to join us now :) @kanginnim @gongchanida
@henryl89: new bf!?!?
@henryl89: 바람펴!?

@llama_ajol: …. @henrylau89 pic.twitter.com/wgJFdzbbft


kanginnim: How cool, my dongsaengs~~

eunhyukee44: Seoul Music Awards Bonsang thank you!! #thanksELF i love you

eunhyukee44: Everyone together at gaon!!!!!! Assa #capturekingkangking #excellentmcmouthteuk #d&e

KKT Convo:
Lee Donghyeo(Lee Dongtongue): we were confident because our hyung is around ^^
Mouthteuk: you guys were the coolest!!!
Mouthteuk: (emoticon)
Lee Donghyeo: as expected, we have to do it together ^^

special1004: !..Thanks^^ to donghae and eunhyukkie too!!!I was really lonely and your handsome stage was the best…

translated by teukables


kanginnim : it was like yesterday and now, my dongsaeng is going… (c)
yesung1106 : I love you dongsaeng, happy birthday #yedong (c)
shfly3424 : Dongsaeng-ah my dongsaeng I love you, happy birthday 🍀 #yedong (c)
special_js1004 : ..#http://me2.do/GM7oZpMn..I see your voice season 2!!..please watch the teaser a lot, its awespme~^^.. and our Donghae, happy birthday and sorry that hyung can’t be with you ㅠㅠ everyone’s sleeping but I can’t sleppㅠㅠ..I love you..!!! (c)
leedongwha : 15 October, Happy birthday my brother ^^