Of course!

Leeteuk: “Oh my god, are those my clothes?” *can’t stop from laughing*

Heechul: *can’t take his eyes off you*

Yesung: *gif*

Kangin: *tries to act smooth but ends up laughing at how cute you are*

Shindong: “Wait, that is my shirt!” 

Sungmin: *happy Sungmin is happy*

Eunhyuk: “Wait, why are you wearing my clothes again?”

Donghae: *is startled at first, but then laughs and admires the look*

Siwon: *almost chokes on his food in surprise when you walk past*

Ryeowook: *gif*

Kibum: *can barely believe what he’s seeing but is happy about it*

Kyuhyun: *is contradicted on how to feel as he watches you*

Henry: “I know what you’re trying to do…”

Zhoumi: “Yes, this means I get an excuse to go through their clothes!”