SS5 Singapore FanAcc

so I was already shaking by the time I got into my pen cause honestly, its been a little too long since I meet them. I probably picked the right pen really(pen C) cause donghae and kangin went there quite a number of times.

During Bonamana Kangin was standing infront of my pen so I shouted his name, he looked at me and winked, i was starstrucked I swear. I only realise I was still in there when the people behind me suddenly pushed me infront. Donghae was right infront! I WAS SCREAMING LIKE A MAD LADY. but he didnt look at me so I just cheered and did fanchant with the rest. There was really a number of KangMin moments that I spot, they keep hi 5-ing everytime they meet in the center of the stage.

During ment(1) Kangin really got a lot of cheers, it was splendid even members started teasing him. I dont really remembered what they all said actually. I remembered Donghae saying its been a long time and that he misses us (if I am not mistaken) Kyuhyun spoke English and it was super cute!! He said ’ My name is Kyuhyun Cho…….’ after that he spoke something that I didn’t catch at all and sang Sweet Summer Night! IT WAS SO ADORABLE. Eunhyuk started sprouting his wonderful sentences and ending it with ‘LA’ (probably the only singlish word he knows and i wanna squish him cause its so cute). And he brought Zhoumi and Henry up to the stage to introduced them and told us to support them and they really receive aloooooot of cheers. [IM GONNA SKIP SOME PARTS CAUSE I DONT REALLY REMEMBER MUCH / MY MEMORY CAN BE COMPARED TO A GOLDFISH]

During Neorago the fanchant was so loud! I was so happy they decided performing that song cause I really wanted to watch them perform it LIVE. During Club No.1 it was super chaotic but I actually find kinda hot since the boys were dancing with females , something you dont see everyday (see what I did there hahahah) but honestly it was super hot and sexy.

During Cold it was so amazing cause everyone sang out to the chorus part and the boys were as always, looking sexyyyyy. Then Zhoumi, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Sungmin sang How Am I Suppose To Live Without You, it was so touching cause I felt like it was really directed to us (sorry being a lil bit deluisional here!). Then Harlem Shake started and Eunhyuk, I swear I can justify why in the world he is called the Dancing Machine, its like his body and the music became one and it was super magnificent. Shindong dancing was awesome too and he look really handsome on stage (I kinda dislike THIN! Shindong, I think be looks better when chubby)

And then Choi Dambi was up, I swear I feel into a trance he was quite far but really it was kinda horrifying watching him cross dress(i still love you siwon) and then Bada!wook, hahaha adorable I swear! His hair looked kinda freaky tho. then the two people I was so looking forward to! Kangin was so adorable the way he wad trying to seduce us being Gain! He kinda lied on the floor and then he had to keep pulling his shirt cause it keeps going up when he raised his hand up, he rolled abit and then covered his face cause he was embarrassed or shy i guess, I WANTED TO SQUEEZE HIM SO BADLY. HYUNA!MIN WAS SO PRETTY, TOTALLY CRUSHED MY EGO TO THE FLOOR. He totally looked confident on stage dancing Ice Cream, it was like he seemed to perform that song everyday. At the end all 4 of them come up to dance to Loving U and Siwon’s wig kinda came off and Sungmin wanted to put it back on and he kinda stared at Siwon with the 'THE FUCK SIWON HOW ON EARTH’ face. but siwon kinda avoided him, Sungmin told Kangin and then suddenly both of them wanted to pull each others wig! Then the music kinda queue for it to end and they went to the middle back again to go under the stage. 

Then SJM stage was up. I love Breakdown! I couldn’t see them performing cause it was at the  Main Stage, so I just watch from the screen. Then it was Shake It Up, that was when my inner EunHae fangirl came out, cause Eunhyuk went to Donghae and kissed his cheek, and Kangin did also ( MIND YOU MY OT3 IS KANGEUNHAE) and then when EUnhyuk went to Kyuhyun to disturb him, Donghae was kinda like giggling ( i think its cause of the kiss) at the back, it was like 10 seconds after giggling then he ran around. IT WAS SO FLUFFEH I SWEAR. Then it was Rockstar they repeated I think around 4-5(?) times. Eunhyuk kinda striped and pour water on himself YOU TEASE and the last time was ’ DO YOU WANNA CHOI SIWON’ and he came out to dance alone.

(I saw the security guards or someone from RITS i guess wiping the floor since it was wet, i swear serve them right. PSHH I WANT MY BOX STAGE STILL ALRIGHT)

And then it was Daydream, we had this fan project where we would held up banners and shine white light, it was so pretty, I was tearing up. The boys told the staffs to off the lights so they could see it clearly, they commented it was so pretty, I wanted to die there and kiss every ELF there cause it was so awesome that everyone toook part in it <3 .

I don’t remember what else they said during 2nd Ment actually, I just remember them saying that they had to calm down to prepare for the next song cause it was a slow medley, and Kyuhyun was ask to introduce the song and he kinda was stumbling with words, he didn’t how to say 'Bittersweet’ he ended up saying 'Sweet…..Sweet…’ and SIwon just had to make fun of him, as always. The members also explained what happen to Donghae’s hand. Which he happened to injured while playing soccer during filming for Hero MV and members started laughing at him. He kinda apologise cause he couldn’t do his best. So we kinda shouted 'It okay!’ And he actually said he had something to tell/show us. And it is his famous kissing sound he always makes. I swear I almost where incoherent. He also did gwiyomi with one hand it was so cute he look so shy and embarrassed. Then Sungmin did also but members didnt stop at 6 so he went on till he did his famous Butt!Ming.

I cried during the medley and well Donghae was infront he kinda wave and smile at me and walk away cause I was holding up his banner. It was that 5secs and I ended up tearing more for awhile.

After that it was Dreaming Heroes. They were all so cute dressed up in Super Hero costumes, and Eunhyuk and Ryewook was infront of us. Eunhyuk kinda clawed at Ryewook and his long sharp nail(?) what do i call that, kinda broke off. So he laughed. And he took it up and showed Ryewook and then he started attacking Ryewook! Then the ran to the other sideeeee ~

Then it was Sunny, this song is probably my 3ed fav song to be performed at SS5. Kangin came and did the circle-pointing to my friends and I, well actually people around our area, he was so happy smiling and laughing. Then Shindong came to our pen and I started screaming his name (I HAVE THIS TINY BIAS SIDE THAT AUTOMATICALLY COMES OUT WHEN I SEE SHINDOND ACTUALLY) They he looked at me and did the circle-pointing thing to me, and I did the same to him. Then he laughed and ran to the other side.

Then during the ment they actually ask if they lost their  fans in Singapore cause the concert was only held for a day (STUPID RITS I SWEAR IF THEY DONT COM NEXT YEAR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN). They kinda look a little disappointed I guess. They said they wanted to have a 2 day concert, they Kyuhyun said he thought of a 3 day concert but it didn’t work out. But Kyuhyun or someone said those who didn’t come today would regret, hehehe it was so cute. I can actually picture him pouting in his heart. Then they said maybe they should sing the starting verse of each songs during SS6. Felt so guilty, eventho it was seriously managements fault. They even ask how many days should they do for SS6, they Shindong started like 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 8? 9? 10? 11? then suddenly he stop so members ask him to say it again, he pronounced 12 as 1 2? 13 as 1 3? SUPER ADORABLE EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING LIKE NOONES BUSINESS. Then suddenly we got to know Henry ripped his pants while tumbling, HAHAHA. Then the members started kneeling to check the ripped part. someone threw up a ultraman boxer and Shindong got Henry to wear it. Then Henry demonstrated how he ripped his pants.

Then it was Marry U, arghhh feels man. It was so adorable how everyone kinda fanchanted and Super Junior did the same also. This was when I finally saw Siwon up close, I swear he derps even when his not on caught on camera…..

It was Encore then. And they were wearing different suits, it was black with like a handful of white colour sparkles/glitters(?) on it? They were performing Sorry Sorry. AND THEN IT WAS SHOW ME YOUR LOVE. THAT WAS WHEN I ACTUALLY CRIED PRETTY HARD CAUSE IT WAS SHOW ME YOUR LOVE. AND I THOUGHT THEY WOULD NEVER EVER SING THE SONG CAUSE ITS SUCH AN OLD SONG AND DBSK WASN’T EVEN THERE. I was mouthing the words to it and holding up Kangin’s banner, I sang ALONE + OUT LOUD, so I think Kangin kinda saw me and he wink and smile at me again. I WAS SUPER PROUD CAUSE MY INNER DBSJ JUST CAME POURING OUT. And then Sapphire Blue and then it was the last ment.

Members were all speaking one by one, and I saw how Sungmin wanted to drink from the mic and Kangin started laughing. I was laughing like a mad person, cause I think the rest didnt see such clearly cause they were at the other end of the stage. Eunhyuk went around kneeing members when they were speaking. He knee-ed Kangin and he kinda went to chase him around. Everyone kinda scream, what I think is because GOOD OLD KANGIN was back, and I actually kinda miss GOOD OLD KANGIN so I stared shouting also when he went to chase Eunhyuk. Ryeowook talked about his musical and then Kangin started asking whether they can promo themselves. Sungmin also talk about how he knew Singapore fans went to Korea to catch his musical and that he was very thankful. Kangin suddenly mentioned that he had to go to reservist this month and everyone was like 'ANDWAEEEEEE’ and then he started aiming his so called riffle to everyone, it was so adorableeee. When it was Henry’s turn everyone started chanting 'TRAP’ but members kinda heard it was CRAB and they started imitating CRABS HAHAHAHA. But Henry did perform abit of Trap and then we all started chanting Kyuhyun and he sang his part it was so adorable, all of them laughing together. Then Zhoumi part, he talked about fansigning in Singapore probably which is everyone screamed CAUSE ZHOUMI FANSIGNING! Then he sang Distance Embrace and members teased him also. Ryewook did his Sukira kiss, which everyone screamed at. 

Then it was So I, everyone sang to the song. Donghae was at our pit so he kinda was telling fans infront not to cry. He was so adorable, I swear he looked like he was tearing up. The members gave their last bow and left the stage. 

So me, Vivian, Xiao Ping and Jacey were talking when suddenly Eunhyuk came out to discuss about the Henry and Zhoumi Petition issue that has been going around recently. Kinda teared when he said Henry and Zhoumi’s name, and there was that waver in his voice when he talk. So I really respect Eunhyuk for coming out ALONE to talk about this issue really. 


Honestly, what I don’t wanna say whose fault it is about things happening in our fandom and all that. But i just hope you guys take time to notice that the boys are REALLY REALLY happy now. And the our happiness is when they are happy so lets, just forget about all this and make the boys happy and proud of us, alright? (: