Reasons why Kangin will be a great dad!

1. He will be perfect at teaching his kids sports!

2. He could sing them to sleep with that wonderful voice he has.

3. Kisses and love all the time.

4. Kick the haters, bullies and heartbreaker’s butts for messing with his kids.

5. Showing them never to give up on their dreams!

6. Showing them to love those who surround them.

7. He could cook breakfest or lunch for them.

8. He will show them to always be themselves, no matter what!

9. He could walk them to school and hold their hands. 

10. He would teach them to treasure second chances.


11. He will teach them to love animals.

12. He will show them to be strong despite the hard times!

13. He will show them how to rock glitter in school projects.

14. He will show them to be humble and grateful.

15. Telling them constantly to never stop smiling!

16. He will be their super hero.

17. ∞

Kangin’s response to EunHae’s little coffee getaway (1 2):

@AllRiseSilver: Why do you guys go out when I am not there? I feel sad. You probably went and un-cooly ate ice choco right? Even if I don’t see it, it’s as easy to see as Yesung

@donghae861015: Are you happy to go on a date by yourselves without me? And you probably didn’t order and ate a bite from Eunhyuk-kie’s right? It’s as easy to see as yesung…kk