can someone please help me find that video of the guy like doing the timed pokemon drawing and he drsws kangaskan and at one ppint he says like “angry momma eyebrows // thats my son stay away from my baby” please i keep thinkging about that fucking video

Pokemon Reproduction

Submitted by arourallis!

 Its not really feasible for every pokemon in the game to reproduce with eggs, for many reasons. Its fair to assume this is simply a game mechanic that makes baby-making more kid friendly. 

  • Bug pokemon still lay eggs like their real-life counterparts, and they follow a similar growth pattern until they reach the final size of the base evolutionary form. As in, a Butterfree lays very small eggs that hatch into very tiny half-developed Caterpie that gorge themselves until they’re considered full grown for their species, then they can evolve.
  • Fish pokemon spawn en-masse, like regular fish. Sharpedo may mate more like real sharks, with internal eggs. Base forms also start small, as larvae that grow into fry, then fully grown Feebas and Basculin and so on. Plankton is still a major part of the food chain.
  • Mammalian pokemon likely have multiple young in a litter, that are blind and deaf upon birth and almost completely helpless for the first few weeks.
  • Golduck and Blissey are likely Monotremes, and are mammals that lay eggs but still produce milk. They lay two, maybe three eggs at the most.
  • Kangaskan are marsupials and raise their young in a pouch. The babies aren’t fully considered Kangaskan until they have their adult coloration and leave their mothers care.
  • Bird pokemon still lay eggs, in clutches of various sizes. The babies are featherless and blind, and aren’t considered their species until they are fully fledged. 
  • Reptilian and dragon pokemon lay eggs, and often abandon them. Young are fairly weak after hatching, but soon after they are completely self-sufficient.
  • Plant pokemon cross-pollinate each other and produce egg-like seeds that grow and mature into smaller, but still fully formed base species.
  • Amorphous pokemon like Muk and Ditto can simply create clones by budding. 
  • Amphibian and jellyfish pokemon also spawn.
  • Starmie and Staru can clone themselves from severed arms, or spawn.
  • Weezing leaves behind spores that grow into a fungus that looks like a puffball mushroom, that eventually grow and develop into a Koffing.

Young pokemon, especially bug and fish types, make up the bulk of what predators eat. Their mass-breeding is a result of heavy predation and allows enough young to survive to evolve. Most first and second stage pokemon are not sexually mature, despite being breed-able in game. Single stage pokemon have subtle markers of adulthood, like color, markings, or extra bodily growths, like horns and shells.

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kangaskan adopts hero and partner as her children. they just one day called her mom and she didn't correct them, and now she makes them lunchs whenever they go on missions and they always bring her back something pretty they found in the dungeons.

Cubone & Kangaskhan

Cuenta la historia que cubone y kangaskhan son uno mismo: 
cuenta que kangaskhan tiene un hijo (que es elbebe que carga siempre) que al morir ella su hijo no puede vivi sin ella entonces el bebe se oculta bajo tierra por verguanza y culpa de su muerte hasta que el cuerpo de su madre esta echo esqueleto al salir toma el craneo de madre y se lo coloca en su cabesa como simbolo de su mdre que esta con el toma un hueso deel braso de su madre y lo usa para defenderse y asi evoluciona en un cubone y se vuelve macho.
si no pasa esto el bebe crece normal en un kangaskhan y sigue siando mujer..

For E-Lo :> Sorry if it’s not colored, it would take too long to be colored by me digitally. If anyone is willing to do so, it would be appreciated <3

Pretty much all these pokemon are first time drawn with the exception of Kangaskhan and Murkrow. Not proud of the Haunter and Arcanine ones so much :<

Hope you still like it and keep it up with the pokemon battles!!! :3