Okay, so people believe that the first generation of Pokemon was actually supposed to have a split evolution. The evidence that was provided was the similiarities between Kangaskhan and Cubone’s body shape. A lot of people believe that the aforementioned Missingno is actually supposed to be a Pokemon called Kangaschan. It’s obvious that this thoery was fueled because missingno has been known to evolve into, yup you guessed it, Kangaskhan. But then again, Missingno is said to be a flying Pokemon, and there is no way in hell that Kangaskham can fly, nor can Cubone. Back to the split evolution though; it is said that Kangaschan, holding a Kangaskhan’s skull, would evolve into Cubone and then to Marowak. This sort of makes sense and would indeed explain the skull helmet that Cubone loves to wear. Of course, holding items wasn’t a feature in the first generation of games so I don’t know how much credibility you can give this thoery but then again, if they tried to erase Missingno, resulting in a glitchy sprite, then perhaps this was a scrapped idea as well. Oh, I almost forgot, before I finish with this particular myth; there were rumors that the evolutionary stages were to go Kangaschan, Cubone, Marowak, and then Kangaskhan. To me, this makes no sense and I believe the split evolution more. The reason being; when Cubone evolves into Marowak, the skull on it’s head becomes almost infused, I don’t see Nintendo going with that idea and then suddenly deciding “Screw it, lose the skull in the last evolution. We are Nintendo, we don’t HAVE to make sense”