artwork I did for Kangarot, for his upcoming release on Juggernaut, “Rejecting Mammalian Humanism”

“Kangarot is a project like nothing we’ve ever heard before. Heavily, heavily themed around space, sci-fi and the like, the act sounds like Industrial - but combined with futuristic elements, experimental guitars, keyboards… Kangarot is truly impossible to describe.

It appeals to fans of Old-School EBM as much as it will to fans of today’s Industrial.”

if you haven’t heard his cosmic post-industrial tunes you need to!!





Hello all, I have some cool sacrilegious news for you all. Have a bunch of really cool releases coming up and out. First off I would like to start by talking about the work we have been doing with Arizona based label called “tagobella”. 

Tagobella is the brain child of AZ resident Jacob Howard, the guy rules and has rad taste. We just put out a split tape together of local AZ noise haircut Kapala’s Moon Rivers. You can buy that bad boy HERE! We are also planning to release a tape by the ever mysterious Wolves of Isle Royale with tagobella in the coming months. 

Next, I would like to announce the release of pop freak charmers Creepy Marble’s “ddrrrr3333ml4nd EP”, and Virginia’s lone whale noise god Orca Life’s “Shapeshifter”. Both are set to pop up sometime mid to late November. 

We also have a few digital releases coming your way one from Kangarot out in North Carolina and the other from Forest Feeling out in Michigan. 

Hope you all are ready to pop out of those post Halloween blues and tear it into the new season! 


The state of contemporary electronic music is sort of all over the place. I feel like it gets harder and harder to siphon through all of the riff raff out there. A few years ago I started talking to a kid named Josh Reed from Asheville, NC who makes music under the moniker “Kangarot”. His sound is super industrial, hard beat driven jams run along side beautifully sequenced synthesizers and create a sort of vampyric sound.

On his new CS, “Nursery of New Stars”, which is out on Asheville’s Headway Recordings, Reed continues his galactic conquest and pushes his musical vibes to a darker more mysterious place. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Reed’s music alongside some sort of Wesley Snipes “Blade” video mashup, but his music is denser than that. At times electronic music can sound sterile and too clean. However, Reed manages to walk the line between human and robot very well and bring a totally vibrant sense of life to his tracks even if the listener can’t help but feel like they are being watched while jamming these slams.

I feel this number is best listened to all the way through despite the fact that each track is super solid on its own. The only time I find this CS falters is when occasional vocal samples go for a little too long. I find that vocal samples can be effective if used sparingly, but it used a bit too much they become cheesy. However, one thing that Reed does really well on Nursery of New Stars is create a sense of narrative. This tape is really long, and I think a lot of musicians would have had a hard time keeping a listener interested as long as Reed does here.

With this release we find Reed just before his peak, proving he will be a forced to be reckoned with if he continues. Definitely check this tape out.

The tape sounds pretty good and is home dubbed; the packaging is solid and pretty much what you would expect for your standard cassette release. The warmth of the format really lends to this release and so I would strongly consider checking out a tape copy if you can!

Christian ~ President @ Holy Page Records ~ Distributor @ Reputation Worldwide ~ Game Changer Extraordinaire

For just under two years now I have worked with Josh Reed to help curate and expose his fresh electronic sound. We did a digital release together when the label was first starting out and luckily we were able to grow together to this physical release! I believe that Starborn Architects is his finest work to date.

This six song Sci Fi Dance cassette is sure to be one of the most exciting electronic listens you will have all year. Delicate and thumping the music on Kangarot’s Starborn Architects displays finess and determination that pulls you slowly through a celestial dream world. This tape is not to be passed up. Only fifty copies were pressed, pro dubbed, and hand packed with care. Check it out now! 

Purchase HERE