hi im quarters please let me explain all of this shit

anyways after I watched the character customization trailer I caved and recreated my Sonic oc from when I was eleven (again). Her name is Holly and she’s a yellow footed rock wallaby living with a family of kangaroos and has a pet chao named Spat who was previously used for illegal chao fighting before he escaped. The two often go urban exploring to scavenge for rare stuff. Holly’s also inhumanly good at rhythm games and likes pastel stuff and jpop.

AND ANOTHER THING I also drew holly and spat in the style of @drawloverlala‘s skyline AU because it’s really cute okay aight im done here night y’all 👋👋👋👋

  • Ally: My jacket? no it says "i like it" the line is "i like it when you hang around"
  • Dez: hang around? ii thought it said Kangaroo 'i like it when you kangaroo"
  • Ally: why would i write i like when you kangaroo?
  • Dez: well no-ones accusing you of writing GOOD lyrics
  • Ally: those aren't the lyrics, my handwriting was only sloppy because everyone keeps rushing me, I WENT TO CALLIGRAPHY CAMP!
  • Austin: book club, calligraphy camp, now you're just makin stuff up
  • XD haha another one of those a & a episodes that never get old

wild animals seen regularly in residential areas in the US: squirrels or some shit idk. raccoons i guess

wild animals seen regularly in residential areas in australia: screaming koalas fighting in random ass trees in the middle of the road. kangaroos chokeholding ppls pets. chaos