kangaroo mouse


The California Desert Ecosystem is home to a huge array of magical creatures! The California Jacklope is one of the most fascinating.

The result of faerie magic fusing with the Californian Kangaroo Mouse, these tiny creatures are some of the most fearless rodents in the world. California Jackalopes use their horns to joust with one another and settle disputes over territory and mates.

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Windy Concepts -Skidar/Christine Ridgway

Design Concepts for a character only fleetingly labeled ‘Windy’ that I made back in September. It was tine to re-vamp her character design, and I’d never drawn her without her warpaint so I was surprised how she came out. Happily Surprised at that :)

So here’s my little Cliff Dweller. She’s part of a group that goes out and they hunt and kill the snakes that threaten their village. She’s quickly becoming a favorite. 

Happy birthday, Likeable!

Just a WiP, but I figure I should use this to get out of my art rut. Sorry for leaving you guys in the dark, I’ve been going through some…personal things…but I’m back, and I just wanna put the past behind me! What better way to do that than by drawing some kangaroo mouse! I hope I didn’t botch the sketch up too bad, @likeableartist!