You don’t know how happy I was when I received your call in the evening. Even if I have to stay up all night, I was really happy with a smile that won’t erase from my face. Your voice was so bright, good and calm to the extent that I was thinking “did you really go to the army?” I believed that our baby would do well but aren’t you doing too well~~!!

I was worried about the cold but because you’re young. I believe that you’ll be able to withstand it. It’ll be great if you don’t forget to pray before starting your daily schedules and before going to sleep. Mom has formed another new thing to pray for. I pray that all the recruits will stay healthy and are able to complete (their trainings) well with no accidents. Platoon leader, Please pray for your peers too~~keke

On tuesday, dad and I are planning to go and explore the 15th division and pension and look at the sceneries but it’ll be great if I’ll be able to see you too TT TT It’ll be great if I see you even if it’s in my dreams.

I hope that you will do well this week too~~

Baby!! Bye I love you


My excellent son Lee Hyukjae!

Hearing that you’re receicing the trainings well after you enlisted, it seems like you’re doing well~ Of course, this genius has been doing everything well ever since he was young~

The weather has become colder so take care of your health~The prayers which you weren’t able to do while you were promoting because you were busy, I hope you’ll be able to do it in your spare time~ Because you were originally a genius, there aren’t anything that is hard for you but pray and entrust everything to God and I hope that everything will turn out even better and well for you~

We’re planning to talk when we meet you in a while and I hope to hear a lot of your tales of heroism~

Bye ^~^
From Dad in Seoul

151102 | Translated by Teukables