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Pristin Visual Rank

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As many of you may know, I am such a Pristin fangirl.  I’m slowly getting K on my side to see the wonderfulness of this Pledis’ fantastic rookie girl group.  So, we debated on some rankings, and here is the first one.  Please remember that this is completely opinion based, and is not intended to offend anyone!  

(PLEDIS is lowkey one of the visually-lit K-companies.  Have you seen their roster?)

10.  Sungyeon

Sweet smile, healthy body, and those cheeks are pinchable af. Her stage presence is also crazy intense. Although Sungyeon is known for her vocal beauty, it’s not hard to deny her adorable visuals either!  

9.  Yehana

Yehana has maybe the brightest smile in the group - that eye smile is strong!  She has a mousy-puppy vibe, especially when she’s rockin the space braids.  Yehana has a delightful sweetness to her.

8. Yuha

Yuha has a very different look from the others - a more mature vibe.  With the blond bob, she also gives off boyish vibes.  Also, her body is so proportional; it’s ridiculous.  

7.  Kyla

Fifteen years young, and this makane’s visual game is no joke.  I saw Kyla’s pictures as a child too, and she was absolutely adorable!  And the way she’s growing up, she’ll continue to get even more gorgeous.  Who knows what she’ll look like a year into her debut! 

Also, to the haters out there calling her fat and ugly, three things:  1) You have no right to be hating on a teenage girl who has trained long and hard to stand on that stage.  2) Fifteen years old should be enough side.  Y’all remember puberty, don’t you?  Weight fluctuation.  3)  Fat-shaming is never okay.  

6.  Roa

I feel like Roa is the ultimate cat-idol; it’s definitely those eyes.  There is an elegant air to her, and she has a nice grace to her.  Roa could definitely have pursued a career in modeling!

5. Eunwoo

There is something about Eunwoo that gives me Girl Next Door feels.  She definitely seems to be a fun-loving girl. Also, her monolids don’t stop fans from falling for those doe eyes.  

4. Rena

Holy Lee Hyori, Rena though.  I’ll admit that her bob during the Produce 101 days did not do it for me, but her hair grown out changed the game.  She has a charismatic appeal, but what else do you expect from the main rapper?

3.  Nayoung

Ah, the stone leader.  Someone mentioned that she has a traditional korean beauty thing going for her, which is totally true.  Nayoung’s small face, big eyes, and even her low-tone voice make for an instant beauty.   

2. Xiyeon

Sixteen - it kills me.  Xiyeon debuted as a child actress, which totally makes sense she’s absolutely gorgeous.  On Produce 101, she was ranked 7th most beautiful amongst the trainees.  With her big smile and innocent looks, Xiyeon is quite the sweetheart.  

And the number 1 goes to…


I mean, look at her.  What do they call her, China’s Miracle?  Kyulkyung really does have a unique look in the K-pop industry with her wavy hair, the high nose, and those angels.  Produce 101 considered her number 1 and was IOI’s resident visual.  Quite the mantle if you ask me, but well-suited!

Who’s your Pristin visual?