kang siblings

the kang siblings : 

sarina quinn kang  : eldest .  only girl.  hacker.    LIVES RUINED  :   INNUMERABLE.     FACES RUINED :  2 .   LIVES TAKEN :   4

jonathan zachary kang :  firstborn son.  eldest of the twins.   LIVES RUINED  :  5.   FACES RUINED :  INNUMERABLE.  LIVES TAKEN : 1

joshua david kang :   youngest.   youngest of the twins.    LIVES RUINED :  1.   LIVES SAVED : DOZENS.    FACES RUINED ( ON PURPOSE ) :  10.   LIVES TAKEN :  NONE.


Be careful with my brother. To me he is the greatest brother in the world but… to someone like you he could be bad news. My brother is such a player. If he’s not answering your calls, it means he’s with another girl. I’ve been telling the same to all the other girls who came to see him. The only reason my brother is seeing you is money. Because he needs money for me, he deceives all of you.

I’m sorry. It is all because of me.