kang siblings

pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.4

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kang dongho

  • super protective
  • calls u if u dont call him to say u got home safely
  • ur personal driver
  • lion exterior, bunny interior
  • will pull you back to bed if he has to just to sleep in some more
  • sings around the house

choi minki

  • has an exceptionally good eye when you two are shopping
  • overdramatic in a cute way
  • tells u to “listen to this new song!!”
  • it’s lady gaga
  • tries to get you to do pepero kisses with him
  • like will literally just pop up next to u with a pepero in his mouth

kim taemin (imysm)

  • high key so into you
  • u take him to a haunted house and he acts all cool about it
  • ends up hiding behind u the whole time
  • amusement park dates and eating cotton candy
  • kissing ur hand while he’s still holding it

hong eunki (miss u 2)

  • y’all go to ikea and play house
  • but really y’all are just there for the swedish meatballs
  • shares his ice cream with you
  • likes to pat ur head
  • showers you with compliments

lee gunhee

  • clings to you with ur doing chores
  • “instead of clinging onto me, actually help me” *runs away instead*
  • really bad pick up lines
  • is willing to do mukbangs with u as well as reaction videos
  • dont even try to challenge him with chubby bunny

hwang minhyun

  • straight out of a kdrama
  • picks u up after school/work
  • omg the type to wait for u outside while he rests on the hood of his car in his long pastel jacket and really nice hair im cry
  • mindlessly looks for ur hand in crowded places
  • wipes crumbs off ur mouth while ur in the middle of talking
  • doesn’t realize how crazy he makes u feel

REQUEST: Protective!Brother Daniel vs. Boyfriend Woojin 

genre: fluff 

fic style: bulletpoints

summary: “ protective kang daniel as your older brother towards boyfriend woojin pls “ -request from anon

warnings: slight use of profanity

Originally posted by emperorhwangs

  • you and Woojin have been dating for a month now
  • the only person that was the way was…
  • you tried your best to race to the door
  • your hand was on the doorknob
  • SLAP
  • Daniel (your super popular brother) prevented you from turning the knob
  • “You’re going to see that jerk street dancer, are you?”
  • okay imagine this whole scenery in Busan and the Busan dialect is in play
  • you try to fight off his strong grip
  • “YA. 1) he’s not a jerk and 2) you can’t stop me from seeing my OWN boyfriend”
  • “y/n-ah.. oppa knows that all these street dancers are basically the same. they are the trouble makers of our school. you really think you know this Park Woojin?? he’s going to break your heart..”
  • you all go to the same dance school in Busan
  • you and Daniel were known as the “All-Rounder Kang Siblings,” who are well loved by everyone
  • though you guys were good in all areas of dance, Daniel majored in Hip Hop and is a trainee at MMO Entertainment 
  • and you majored in contemporary and modern; you’ve been scouted many times by idol companies but you felt like they only wanted you because you had an idol-look 
  • Park Woojin is a street dancer who is also majoring in Hip Hop
  • his crew is from a very infamous label for strong Hip Hop artists, Brand New Music
  • Daniel thinks that all Hip Hop dancers besides himself are arrogant and likes to play around with girls
  • this is why Daniel is so uptight about you dating Woojin
  • you hated it, you felt like you couldn’t date anyone while being related to him
  • you caught him off-guard and opened the door
  • “I hate you” you mumbled as you took off
  • you didn’t look back at Daniel as you ran towards Woojin who was waiting by your gates, but you felt Daniel glaring at Woojin
  • “y/n ah.. are you okay?” Woojin put his hand on your head
  • “I love my brother.. but I feel like everyday that I am with you, I get farther away from him. BUT I REALLY. REALLY. Like you…” 
  • Woojin grabbed your hand firmly and marched to the front door, where Daniel was still standing
  • He looked into the eyes of your brother and took a deep breathe
  • “Sunbaenim, what can I do to prove to you that I, Park Woojin, am capable of taking care of y/n as her boyfriend.”
  • you knew that Woojin really respected your brother because of his skills
  • some days you felt like Woojin fawned over your brother more than you, yourself
  • Daniel scoffed
  • “all you street dancing kids are the fucking same. What makes you think you can have my blessing??”
  • “okay. I can show you that I am a good boyfriend to y/n on our date”
  • wait what
  • did Woojin just invite your brother to chaperone your guys’ date??
  • “hah. that’s not a bad idea. 3 times til strike. i catch you do something to y/n that I don’t like.. you guys have to break up.” Daniel was proud of his plan
  • you wondered if Daniel just hated Woojin because he had a higher score than your brother on the performance evaluation
  • “alright”
  • that day.. was the most awkwardest date you ever had
  • you all went to a cafe
  • Daniel was sitting in between you and Woojin as a very pretty waitress was distributing your guys’ drinks
  • Daniel was making sure that Woojin wasn’t going to check her out
  • and he didn’t bc he’s such a good boy who only has eyes for you
  • there was just an awkward silence
  • “I’m going to the restroom” you got up from your seat and left
  • thud
  • you ran into someone from your class, Park Jihoon
  • “oh y/n ah, I didn’t expect you to see you here” 
  • a couple of his friends came up from behind you
  • “it must be boring with your boyfriend huh? come play with us! it’ll be fun”
  • he casually had his arm around your waist
  • I live for bad boy Jihoon oml
  • “I should really get back to Woojin..”
  • you tried to push him off but his friends slung their arms over your shoulders
  • “the more the merrier” they said
  • you felt your boyfriend tug you from them
  • he gave you an assuring gaze as he stepped up to Jihoon
  • “you really wanna fight? you should know that y/n is MY girlfriend. why is it you always have to try to get another guy’s girl? back off and get lost”
  • Woojin pushed up his sleeves to fight them
  • your brother comes up to put his hand on Jihoon’s shoulder
  • “you heard the guy” Daniel towered over all of Jihoon and his friends
  • “psh, y/n hit me up when you break up with this dude” Jihoon muttered as he left
  • “what makes you think I’ll let you date her” Daniel pushed them out the doors
  • Woojin turns to you and checks you for any physical harm
  • “y/n sorry I didn’t properly protect you. are you okay?” 
  • he pulls you in for a tight hug as your nose is filled with his cologne 
  • you feel him kiss the top of your head
  • “I’ll work harder to be a reliable boyfriend”
  • “YA WOOJIN-AH YOU’RE ACTUALLY PRETTY COOL” Daniel slaps his back
  • “just so you know, if you break y/n’s heart, I’ll break your face” 
  • “fine by me”
  • they both shook on it
  • Daniel went home as you and Woojin went to the park
  • you both were on the swings
  • “I’m glad that I have your brother’s blessing. but the real blessing is getting the opportunity to show you how serious I am for you”
  • Woojin was just glad that it was dark outside so that you couldn’t tell he was a blushing mess
  • he jumped off his swing to walk up to face you
  • he pecks you on the cheek and hands you a bundle of baby’s breath
  • baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love, pureness, and innocence
  • happy 1 month~”
  • “ya y/n, a man who knows the meaning of flowers is hot. and don’t you think Woojin’s snaggletooth is cute?”
  • “ya Daniel you better not fall for my man”
  • then again who wouldn’t?

Be careful with my brother. To me he is the greatest brother in the world but… to someone like you he could be bad news. My brother is such a player. If he’s not answering your calls, it means he’s with another girl. I’ve been telling the same to all the other girls who came to see him. The only reason my brother is seeing you is money. Because he needs money for me, he deceives all of you.

I’m sorry. It is all because of me.