kang kodos


Radio Bart [S3 E13] (dir. Carlos Baeza)

I’ve had this one made and queued for almost as long I’ve been running this place but for one reason or another it’s not made it until now. That’s a Triceratops at the top, a chest next to a skull in the middle and a alien ship containing a Rigellian (Kang & Kodos species) at the bottom. Now this is clearly the wrong way round, which makes it funny and interesting, as the dinosaur should be bottom and the ship at the top. This suggests man pre-dates the dinosaur, Aliens visited earth before man existed and that dinosaurs have in-fact died fairly recently. Although that being said I’m over thinking a quick sight gag in a cartoon….

…super sloppy sleepy scratch seshin’ while bouncing around the cramped caltrain to & from campus today - continuing to work on Bartkira explorations… Little bit of a break before the next semester starts - way too sleepy to do any real coloring tonite… :P