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  • After a long gaming session on LOLOL, both of you were shocked to see how late it had become.
  • “It’s really late.” “Yeah, it is.” “…” “Do you want to stay over…?” “Uh, yeah…sure”
  • Eventually, it is decided that you guys will have a sleepover in the living room!
  • There was about two feet distance when you both first settled in.
  • That shrunk to a few centimeters in the morning.
  • Apparently, you both hadn’t anticipated how cold it would be. So you unconsciously snuggled into each other overnight.
  • Morning comes in, and you are just unwilling to let go of the warmth, burying yourself deeper in.
  • Your hair tickles Yoosung’s nose, and it wakes him up.
  • He sleepily pats your head, trying to identify what it is.
  • And you look up to see what’s happening, and find his bright purple eyes staring back at you.
  • You can feel his breath fanning your cheeks; there is barely any distance between you two.
  • Then you both jump out and try to pretend that didn’t happen.
  • Both of you were a blushing, stammering mess everywhere for the rest of the morning.


  • He was so excited to have you sleep over for the night.
  • He insisted that you sleep next to him on his bed, it is more comfortable than either of them on the couch.
  • He knew that he couldn’t take it too far; you had only just met face-to-face.
  • When morning came, you noticed that he had an arm wrapped tightly around your waist.
  • You turned around to find him awake; smiling at you.
  • “Good morning, MC” He whispers as he pulls you closer to press a light kiss on the forehead.
  • While you were in the shower, Zen was congratulating himself while preparing a light breakfast.
  • He was feeling very smug.
  • Take that, trustfund kid. I am a real gentleman.
  • Only to drop whatever he was holding the minute he sees you in his spare clothes since you had nothing to change into.


  • You two were planning to binge-watch the entirety of any musical Zen has ever been in.
  • You were slightly skeptical of making it through ALL of them, but Jaehee was STOKED.
  • You both settled comfortably into the couch with some food within easy reach.
  • Of course, an ENTIRE NIGHT of binge watching is impossible.
  • So you both fell asleep at around 3 am, in the middle of Jalapenos no less.
  • Jaehee was the first to wake up at the crack of dawn with a horrible pain in her neck.
  • Rubbing it, she realized that you had curled up into her side, and she fell asleep while resting her head on yours
  • The drool on your face caused her to chuckle a bit, and she grabbed a tissue to wipe it off.
  • After preparing two mugs of coffee, she gently shakes you awake.
  • You could definitely get used to waking up to that smell every morning


  • You had come to his penthouse while he was at work to set up for your first month together.
  • When he had come home to you greeting him at the doorstep with Elizabeth 3rd in your hands, he felt so tender and content and so at home.
  • You both had a fine dinner date overlooking the view from the penthouse, and chatted the night away.
  • Jumin invited you to stay over, since the guest bedroom was always prepared for you.
  • But, maybe you both had a bit too much wine that night.
  • You couldn’t let go of each other.
  • When both of you had changed into something comfortable, you settled yourself under his covers while he slept on top.
  • Eventually, you got him to come under the covers as well.
  • When you woke up in the morning, you reached out to find the bed empty.
  • You couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he was not the first thing you saw in the morning.
  • You then trod to the kitchen to find him with his shirtsleeves rolled up and wearing a pink frilly apron, flipping pancakes.
  • “Good Morning, MC. I hope you slept well.” He smiled and brought a pile of pancakes to the table.


  • “Prepare yourselves for the ultimate sleepover held by your very own defender of justice, 707!”
  • Saeran just gave you a look and said “I’m going to my own room.” And pat your shoulder pitifully. savageSaeran
  • You both just lay on his bed and talked about anything and everything in the dark, under his collection of glow in the dark galaxies mapped across the bedroom ceiling.
  • Eventually, you drift off to sleep, and he drapes a comforter on top of both of you and is knocked out as well.
  • You’re the first one to rise in the morning, and are immediately greeted by the sight of a drooling and snoring tomato-head.
  • He has efficiently tangled you tightly though, so you have no way of immediate escape.
  • Instead, you just look at his sleeping face, commiting the image in front of you to memory.
  • You’re still not used to seeing him without his glasses on, so you lightly trace a vague outline of them on his face.
  • When you reach the bridge of his nose, his face scrunches up a bit.
  • The sight is too much; you start giggling softly.
  • This wakes him up, and he feel like he is flying.
  • Seeing your beautiful smile first thing in the morning is literally heaven.
  • He pulls you in tighter, jokingly threatening to never let you go. You play along, lightly shrieking as he tickles you a bit.
  • You are both interrupted by a loud knocking on the door.
  • Feed the hungry Edgelord™
I asked my mom what she thought about MM characters

Mom: An executive? She looks like an executive giving a speech about coffee. She’s very professional. And pretty. Very pretty.
Me: Would you date her?
: Oh, yes I would. She looks like she would treat me right.


Mom: Is that a guy? Why does he have long hair? He looks like a human rat.   Is he a model?
Me: He’s an actor. And be nice, he’s a good guy.
Mom: …He has a long tail in the back, but nice hair in the front. If he cuts the back, he’ll be better looking.


Mom: He looks like a tourist. Nice headphones. Is he your favorite one?
Me: No, he isn’t. Hold on. There’s another picture I want you to see. 

Mom: What the hell.
Me: He likes to cosplay.
Mom: …Isn’t that you’re in to, too?
Me: Mom, please.


Mom: A girl with purple eyes? Who wants purple eyes?
Me: What do you mean, they’re pretty!
Mom: She looks like she received bad news.
Me: That’s a boy, mamma.
Mom: Really? Ay, he looks like you when you stay up late.
Me: Mom, please.


Mom: He looks like he works in an office. Very well put together.
Me: *Blush blush* Yeah, he does look good~
Mom: Is he wearing a wig?
Mom: Then you will have bald children.


So I was supposed to post these last week for Easter but I have been buried in cases and articles every day for the past week. So much so that I have been averaging 2 hours of sleep a day and may have passed out for more than 10 hours last night(Kill me now, please. OTL)

I hope everyone else had a better holiday than me! Please have these little (extremely late) ~*~ chicks and bunnies (+Yoosung who is an egg) ~*~ on me. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I must leave now for I have to cram some more theories and cases ; _ ; (and my missing submissions for JuminVWeek OTL among other backlogged artwork) (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

You didn’t request this before! I’m actually a very similar person to how you describe the MC in this request, so writing this actually made me feel a lot better :) ~Admin Kei


-“You don’t have to apologize for that! I always talk a lot about LOLOL too.”

-He would actually want her to talk more, why would he feel annoyed?

-Whenever she’s talking passionately about a random topic, he would always give enthusiastic responses

-If she really insists not to talk more, he’ll usually give her some personal space

-Texts her a lot of heart emojis to let her know he would never want her to stop talking


-As a talkative person, he would always enjoy MC talking to him in order to give more responses

-A bit surprised to hear that she thinks he wouldn’t want to listen to her anymore

-Reassures MC by pulling her towards him

-“There wouldn’t be anyone that found a person they likes talking annoying, MC. Your voice is what keeps me going through the day.”

-Calls her cute nicknames in order to get a reaction from her

-If she doesn’t feel like talking, he occasionally enjoys the quietness from time to time


-Since she doesn’t talk much, she actually found a lot of what MC’s talking about interesting

-Considering her life before…isn’t really that colorful in her opinion

-But when she heard how MC apologized for her continuous talking, she actually didn’t really expect that from coming

-“Without you talking to me, I would probably feel much lonelier. Did I seem like I was bored from what you’re talking about?” She replied with a sincere tone that reflected back from her true feelings.

-As MC apologizes back for what she just said, both of them laughed for a bit

-MC felt more encouraged by then and talks passionately without worrying


-When MC said that, he wonders if he said or did something wrong

-Did he give a response that’s usually too short? Or was his expression that implied he’s bored out of his mind? That’s just how he is though

-“What’s the reason you thought about this? I’m sorry if I didn’t seem like I was too happy, but I sincerely love hearing you talking and I wouldn’t want to disturb you from what you’re passionately talking about.”

-He holds her hand firmly to further reassure her

-Since he’s a good listener, he rarely gets distracted by the atmosphere and would listen contently for what she said

-For once he tries to smile really cheerfully like a normal person and it triggered a laugh from her


-“If you seriously think that’s true, the other RFA members would probably have quitted before you came in. With you talking, we would be the best combo ever!”

-Tries to get her to do something fun with him

-Watching movies, pillow fights, going to a theme park, almost everything

-To make sure that she’ll feel more comfortable around him and eventually talk more without a worry

-Of course, if she doesn’t want to talk, he would always give her some distance

-This doesn’t last long though; he’ll tackle MC in an innocent way to break through the quietness

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey can I get a hc where the RFA go with MC to get a tattoo, (MC gets a fairly big one on her right side of her torso, it's up to you what ones the RFA get)? What are they like during it? Is it a big or small? Do they get a couple tattoo? Ect.

ooh I like this!


  • he is super sweet at first
  • “don’t be nervous!”
  • it was more for him
  • he started crying freaked out before the needle even touched his neck
  • meanwhile MC is calmly watching, giggling while trying to comfort him
  • “stop making fun!”
  • he gets a smaller version of MC’s tattoo on the left side of his neck
  • the other RFA members won’t stop making fun of his reaction
  • he laughs along and doesn’t mind because MC is showing everyone their matching tattoos and looks so excited


  • was crying despite telling MC he was going to be strong for her
  • he got a tiny LOLOL dragon on his wrist
  • he keeps asking MC if she’ll hold him
  • but wait no I’m a strong man
  • he looks up tattoo removal places right after
  • “it’s not for me, I’m worried about MC! Her’s is so much bigger than mine!”
  • Seven wouldn’t let that phrase go  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • MC are you sure ???
  • was worried about tattooing his body at first
  • his manager gave him approved and disapproved designs
  • Zen was laughing nervously the whole time
  • he got vines that wrapped around his torso and arms
  • little do his fans know,, a vine that goes down to his hip has MC’s name written right above it
  • he wanted his tattoo to have more meaning
  • he looks 10x more intimidating
  • bad boy Xtreme


  • insists that getting a tattoo isn’t healthy
  • “MC, please! Be reasonable–!”
  • ends up getting a little coffee cup on her ankle
  • MC wants her to wear shorts more often to show it off
  • or at least capris
  • Jaehee does not give in, at least not yet
  • she was pretty calm while getting the tattoo
  • pumped a stress ball the whole time
  • probably started sweating because would MC be hurt if I got it removed? There’s no going back is there?


  • “You what”
  • only got a tattoo because MC said she loved them
  • he figured it wasn’t very professional to have tattoos, so he got a pretty big one just below his left peck
  • it’s a cat sitting pretty
  • except when you look closely it’s actually a wordle (a word formed by writing other words)
  • the words are all of MC’s favorite things
  • he doesn’t seem to be in any pain
  • insists MC holds his hand
  • insists he hold her hand when she gets hers
  • “I will sue them if it doesn’t turn out right”
  • “since when have you been into suing?”
  • he makes her promise not to tell the other RFA members about his tattoo
  • MC tells them that Jumin has a tattoo, but doesn’t tell them what is is or where
  • they both got a good laugh seeing the other members’ reactions

I hope you like this I couldn’t write from experience


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Pooping my pants at Yoosung’s transformation. Cheritz, please leave this as a semi-permanent thing. It is very important that I finish at least one Casual cycle on this patch.


RFA + MC Movie Dates

OMG look a new post :))) I’ve been slacking off too much lately so this took longer to finish hhrhgrkjdhg

To be honest this entire post was just an excuse to draw flying popcorn.
I love popcorn. I had fun drawing this set ♥___♥ ((I have a V sketch but I’ll upload the finished one when I’m done with his other comics for the old posts haha))

YOOSUNG: He tried. He and MC sneak into a kids movie afterwards.
ZEN: ??? Angst ??? LAUGHS
JAEHEE: Jaehee is probably too tired to fangirl that night.
SEVEN: That is the last time MC is going to the movies with him.
UNKNOWN: He doesn’t know how movie dates go so he tries to copy other couples ♥ He prefers midnight screenings that have less people *__*

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Bonus V and Unkown under the cut!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while ^-^ I love string phones, they’re just adorable. Featuring the RFA with my respective MysMes MCs for them! If you want to know more about them, just click here!

Feel free to mix and match and do whatever you want with them, as long as you give credit of course~

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Things the Mystic Messenger fandom needs to talk about

-The lizard that Seven apparently lost in his house

-The fact that Jumin knows the exact number of spoons V has in his house (exactly 20, apparently)

-He also calculated the average amount of hair Elizabeth the 3rd sheds (3-28 strands per ten minutes) (???)

-The voice actor for Saeran Choi also dubbed Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and Tamaki Suoh in the Korean versions of their shows

-Jaehee keeps a photo of Zen underneath her mousepad

-Seven canonically wrote Yoosung a love letter


-Zen wants to dye his hair pink

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I just really wanted to draw them all in their After Ending appearances. And I have no shame, I actually like Jumin with his hair slicked back. 

These actually started as thank you postcards for anyone who bought my Mystic Messenger charms. But I figured “why not make them gifs.” And I kept the “Thank you” cause I thought it was cute.


And as my brother puts it: “It’s like they’re thanking the player for giving them their happy ending.”