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姜东俊设计师:宇彬呢...也可以叫贤中吧?我第一次见贤中是2008年首尔时装秀之前公开选秀的时候。200~300多名的模特中有一个模特很让人关注(很显眼)那个就是贤中。从和我一起合作首秀开始感觉就很特别也成为了当时的话题。从首秀开始就很叛逆的易密积非常努力。周围也很多人问那个模特到底是谁 何东浩设计师:第一个作品白圣那时还是和我一起生活的时候,真的非常努力准备了很多很多。剧本几乎都背下来的程度一点一点全都准备的很充分。第一部电影亲故2定下出演后,那天晚上回来完全开心的要飞起来了,但是要说庆尚道方言因为他不太会说方言所以我把台词改成庆尚道方言的形式然后一起练习。接前文→→练习的都差不多了,但是我是大邱的,剧本背景内容是釜山蔚山那边的方言,所以在现场又改过来。因为是主演的第一个电影,那时候真的准备了很多很多也聊了很多很多。pls help me trans this

Designer Kang Dong Jun: Woobin…I can also call him Hyunjoong right? I first saw Hyunjoong at an open audition before the Seoul Fashion Show in 2008. Out of the 200-300 models, there was one that stood out and that was Hyunjoong. From the first show we worked together, it felt really special and also became a topic during that time. From the first show, there was already a very rebellious image and he was also very hardworking. Everyone around asked who hat model was.

Designer Ha Dong Ho: During his first project White Christmas, he was still living with me, and he was really hardworking and did a lot of preparations. He memorized the script and prepared very well. When his casting for Friend 2 was confirmed, he was really happy when he came home that night, but because he had to speak the dialect and he didn’t really know how to speak dialect, I changed the lines into the dialect form and we practiced together. We practiced a lot, but because I was from Daegu and the movie is set in Busan and they used the Busan dialect, so we had to change it again on set. Because it is his first lead role in a movie, he prepared a lot and we also talked about it a lot.